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  • Alpha Protein, Found in Breast Milk, Improves Baby’s Long Term Health

    You’ve always heard that breast milk is best for babies. Here’s one more reason why.
  • baby nursingDid you know that protein intake, particularly during the early stages of infancy, affects your baby’s long-term health? Diseases like obesity, cardiovascular ailments and insulin resistance have been increasing year on year. That’s why medical professionals are studying treatments and preventive measures.


    Quality Not Just Quantity

    Dr. Atul Singhal, professor of Pediatric Nutrition and deputy director of the University College London, explains that the long-term growth and development of babies depends not just on the quantity of nourishment they get but the quality as well. Dr. Singhal heads clinical trials and the cardiovascular nutrition group at the MRC Childhood Nutrition Research Center’s Institute of Child Health at the University College Londong. He is the author of the paper, The Importance of Protein for Long-term Health.

    According to Dr. Singhal, “while a higher protein intake has short-term advantages for growth, adverse programming by high protein intake and faster growth suggest that the optimum nutrition of infants is more complex than simply ‘more is better.’”



    The Benefits of Alpha Protein

    Alpha protein, found in breast milk, is beneficial to the overall health of infants. Unlike other whey-based proteins, alpha protein is easily digested by babies and lessens the possibility of vomiting, spitting up, or food intolerance of babies. This important protein helps improve the kidney function of babies and the absorption of essential minerals like zinc. Apart from this, it also enhances a baby’s sleep pattern and appetite. It contains helpful amino acids with tryptophan which also enhances the mood of babies.

    If you’re still expecting, ask your pediatrician about the benefits of breastfeeding and alpha protein. Your decisions on your baby’s nutrition today will definitely affect his long-term health.


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