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    Read on about what goes on during a baby shower, baby shower favors, and the program.


    What Goes On in a Baby Shower?
    Two hours is a good estimate for the party. Dizon says, “If the mom-to-be is older or not really into games, a nice light dinner or merienda at a restaurant or at the host’s home is the way to go.” If many of the guests do not know each other, provide name tags,and games should probably be part of the shower to help break the ice and get them involved. Discuss the idea with the mom-to-be and find out what she feels would be best.
    Typically, heavy meals are not really required at showers. Finger-foods will do—chips, pastries, or any dessert. A fruit or vegetable tray would be a good alternative for the health conscious. Coffee, tea, juice, or soda should be available for the guests. “In consideration of your guest of honor, the mom-to-be, alcoholic drinks are a no-no. If the mother-to-be is not drinking caffeine either, you might choose to forego caffeinated coffee and soft drinks. The food can also vary depend-ing on the theme,” says Dizon.

    Baby Shower Favors
    What about shower favors? “Shower favors are not necessary as visitors came to shower the mom, not vice-versa. But it would be a thoughtful gesture to acknowledge the presence of the guests with a favor,” says Dizon. If you wish to have favors, some ideas are scented candles, candies wrapped in tulle, photo albums, or potpourri.

    1.    After all or most of the guests have arrived, go around the room and have guests introduce themselves identifying how they know the mother-to-be.
    2.    Play two to three games in the beginning to get the relaxed mood going. Keep in mind that some guests may only know just the mother-to-be.
    3.    Serve the food and allow your guests time to mingle.
    4.    The mother-to-be can begin opening her gifts. To make things more memorable, ask the gift giver to share a special message for the mom-to-be before she opens her present. Don’t forget to assign someone to write down each gift and who it is from. It will make sending thank-you notes a lot easier.
    5.    People chat and then usually leave a few at a time. Make sure the mother-to-be gets to say goodbye to everyone, and the hostess thanks everyone for attending. If the hostess has shower favors, this should be given to the guests leaving at this time.



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