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  • Why Babies Do the Oddest Things: Drool, Hit Themselves, Bounce, Security Blanket

    Wonder why your baby drools a lot, hits himself, loves bouncing and his security blanket? Here are the answers.
    by Julian Vorpal .
  • Why do some babies love to be bounced and jiggled?

    Anyone who’s ridden a see-saw, carousel, rollercoaster or backwoods provincial tricycle knows how much fun a bouncy, jiggly ride can be (well, okay, maybe not the tricycle). This is due to the vestibular system, that part of the brain that handles balance and movement. Your baby’s vestibular system is still growing and therefore it is something new for him to experience.  If he’s wailing like a police siren, doing the baby bounce may be the only thing that will distract him enough to quiet him down.  Some scientists think that jiggling a baby helps give her vestibular system a workout and since it’s a new experience, kids also get a kick out of it.


    Why do some babies form attachments to blankets, stuffed toys and other fuzzy things?

    After a long day of putting up with the imploding economy, domestic chores and a grouchy, screaming boss, doesn’t it feel good to just climb into bed, dig into the covers, snuggling up to your favorite pillow and dream of your boss having an aneurysm?  That’s how babies feel about their fuzzy bear, except for the aneurysm. The familiarity, softness, warmth and especially your baby’s own scent give it comfort, security and peace.  If you’re worried that this may foster a Linus-and-his-Security-Blanket dependency on the item, don’t fret.  Babies who form an attachment to a blanket or toy are emotionally trying to make the world a less daunting place, substituting their parent’s presence for a constant item, like a fuzzy bear.



    Photo from flickr.com

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