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  • Why Babies Do the Oddest Things: Drool, Hit Themselves, Bounce, Security Blanket

    Wonder why your baby drools a lot, hits himself, loves bouncing and his security blanket? Here are the answers.
    by Julian Vorpal .
  • In our previous article, we talk about strange and confusing baby behavior and offer some insight into why your child does these things.  Here are more examples and explanations for why babies do the oddest things.


    Why Do Babies Drool?

    baby droolingBabies and bulldogs have that much in common: they drool buckets. The reason has something to do with teething—even though infants between six and eight months aren’t able to teethe yet, they still drool buckets. Your baby’s teeth are already traveling upward at that point, and this initiates saliva production.  Drool also neutralizes stomach acid, soothing any irritation in the esophageal lining and activates enzymes that help your little tyke digest solid food when he’s ready for it.


    Why do babies hit themselves?

    If your child has the habit of hitting or slapping himself in the head or banging himself against a wall, it may be an outlet for frustration and a release from the pain and irritation of teething. This may also be manifestation of tantrum behavior that also includes hand biting and hurling himself to the ground.  It’s best to be gentle—the poor guy’s having a bad day. 



    Click here to read more about the answers to baby's behavior.

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