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  • WATCH: A Dad Got the Brilliant Idea to Face Swap With His Baby Girl

    Have you ever had a baby drunkenly convince you she's fine to drive?
    by SmartParenting Staff .

  • Video from Woodsie TV/Youtube

    What happens when you leave a dad, his baby and a face-swapping app together? Hilarity, that's what!

    John Woods from the U.S. swapped faces with his little daughter using an app on his phone and the result was very weird, yes, but kinda amazing at the same time. With his face on his baby girl, he pretended to be utterly and helplessly drunk. 

    Just imagine it. It's a baby with the face of a grown man--complete with a moustache--drunk and complaining about his lost love Beth, trying to convince you he is fine to drive. Then he starts crying unexpectedly, and it's the funniest bit.  

    There's even a moment where the baby girl fiddles with a bunch of toy keys and dad improvises. "These aren't my keys. Are these my keys? These aren't my keys. Are these my keys? Guys, these aren't my keys."

    Watch the whole video above. It takes a little getting used to at first, but soon enough you'll be laughing.

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