A New Parent's Guide to Protecting Your Baby's Skin

No need to panic, moms and dads! Just follow these simple tips.

Now that your little one is in your arms, it's normal to worry about the right ways of taking care of him. Keeping your baby free from skin irritation, among others, is one of the things that keep new parents worried. Babies have delicate skin that is prone to dryness. With that in mind, here's what you need to do:


Follow a proper bathtime schedule.

There's no need to bathe your newborn every day. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends giving sponge baths for the first week or two until the umbilical cord stump falls off. After that, schedule bathtime three times a week: early in the morning when your baby is active, or at night as part of his bedtime ritual.

Be careful, though. Bathing too long and often can dry out your baby's skin. If your baby is only one to three months old, bathtime should not be longer than 10 minutes.


Use the right products to bathe your baby thoroughly.

Look for products that are free of paraben, alcohol, and colorants that may potentially irritate your baby's skin. Make bath time quick and enjoyable by using NIVEA Baby Head-To-Toe Wash, which gently cleanses baby's body and scalp without drying.

Don't overlook those cute chubby folds and creases under his arms, behind the ears, and around the neck. Don't forget to go in between your baby's fingers and toes, too!

After bathtime, pat his skin dry and seal in extra moisture with NIVEA Baby Moisturizing Lotion, which gently strengthens the skin barrier. 


Change his diaper regularly.

Don't wait until it's too wet or soiled. Make it a habit to change diapers as often as possible to avoid diaper rash. This is often caused by prolonged skin contact with urine or stool, or even an allergy to diaper materials.

Gently wash the area with water or, if it's not available, use NIVEA Baby Fresh & Pure Wipes. It is water-based and enriched with aloe vera to gently cleanse and maintain the pH level of baby's skin. Allow the area to air-dry before putting on the new diaper.


Give him a gentle massage.

Bond with your baby by giving him a gentle massage to stimulate his senses and keep him relaxed. Try NIVEA Baby Caring Oil, which is made with almond oil that locks in moisture, leaving baby's skin soft and smooth. It's also suited for mommy's skin during and after pregnancy.


Soothe his skin.

Babies are also prone to heat rash, so make sure to keep yours under shade and dress him up in loose and comfortable clothing. To soothe a minor skin irritation, apply NIVEA Baby Smoothy Cream, a non-greasy cream with calendula and 24-hour moisturizing formula.


Consult the experts.

If your child develops rashes, acne, or other skin infections, don't self-medicate. Ask your baby's pedia or a dermatologist so they can treat his skin condition.


Choose products that are not only gentle but can also provide caring protection. NIVEA Baby has formulated products to cater to your baby's delicate skin, keeping it soft, smooth, and healthy. To know more about its range of products for your little one, follow NIVEA Baby on Facebook.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with NIVEA Baby.