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  • Avoiding Baby Bumps and Falls

    Prevent baby bumps and bruises by adopting child safety techniques and tips.
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    Almost all babies with newfound mobility have their share of bumps and falls at least once. Don’t panic if baby does fall or knock her head against something. Most likely, after the crying bout and initial scare is over, she will resume her exploration activities in a few minutes. But since there’s always a tiny possibility of complications , call your pediatrician and ask what danger signs to watch out for within the next 24 hours.

    Crawling babies will try to discover ways and means to go exploring, so make an effort to keep her safe .
    • Make staircases (even just a few steps!) off-limits as these can be dangerous.
    • Take care when opening and closing doors because baby might be hiding behind them and poking a finger through the hole between door and wall.
    • Let baby play in areas where there are no large pieces that will encourage her urge to climb. Low stools and tables can fascinate a little tot enough to clamber up. Unfortunately, it’s easier to climb up than go down. Until baby learns how to return to the floor without falling down, remove tempting furniture in her play areas.
    Photography by Jun Pinzon
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