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  • Babies Already Capable of Daydreaming, says Study

    A recent British study suggests that babies’ brains are already well-developed and capable of daydreaming and introspection as early as 30 weeks of age.
  • sleeping babyExperts from the Imperial College of London speculate that newborn babies’ brains are already well-formed, enough to be able for daydreaming and introspection, or the ability to think about one’s thoughts and feelings.

    Their study involved MRI scanning the brains of 70 infants born at between 29 to 43 weeks. The scans revealed that contrary to earlier scientific claims, babies 12 months and below actually already have well-developed “resting state networks” of the brain, which facilitate daydreams. Recent research shows that even as early as in the womb, these brain connections are already fully formed.

    The researchers found that the “resting state networks” develop during the third trimester – starting at 30 and fully formed at 40 weeks.

    The team behind the study will be using these findings to try to figure out any implications on how these will be affected by sicknesses and if they can be utilized to diagnose conditions in the future.



    Photo from flickr.com

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