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30+ Photos of Beach-Loving Babies That Prove the Gift of Travel Is Worth It
PHOTO BY Jean Ocampo, Michelle Miranda, and Jheng Gelbolingo
  • We may have experienced a little rain over the weekend but the intense heat continues. If you ask us, it’s the perfect excuse to hit the beach — and to take the little ones along! According to various studies, taking your baby to the beach is actually good for her brain development. The stimulating sensory environment allows babies to explore and discover different materials, textures, smells, and concepts. And parents seem to agree! 

    30+ photos that will convince you to take the baby to the beach!

    After we asked our SmartParenting.com.ph readers to share their baby’s first summer escapade with us, most of the photo submissions showed beach babies! Granted, your tots may not fall in love with the sand and the sea at once, but when they finally do, it will take some cajoling to get them out of the water.

    It was this photo of 7-month-old Calla Cassidy that got us thinking: was she welcoming the heat or escaping from it? Either way, it inspired other parents to send in their children's best photos!

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    1. The sea makes babies happy!

    Macey celebrated her first birthday at San Fabian, Pangasinan, and she just loved making a splash!
    PHOTO BY Charlene Vasquez-Legion
    Harry's smile while swimming in Lian, Batangas is so radiant!
    PHOTO BY AVEGAIL Canlas Dupa
    Does it look like it's Reign's first time at the beach? He looks so comfy!
    PHOTO BY Peachy Dehino
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    There are so many things to discover at the beach (especially when you're in Anguib Beach in Cagayan, a.k.a. Boracay of the North!). Baby Jedan is one happy explorer!
    PHOTO BY Marie Joy Molinar
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    Mom Joy Petalver was understandably anxious for her daughter's first time at the beach. "But all my worries disappeared when I saw her sparkling eyes and excitement at seeing the fish swimming underneath her," she shares.

    Since Tracy is asthmatic, her pediatrician advised her parents to take her to the beach. "The air is moisturized, and swimming will make her lungs stronger," explains Joy. "Because of this, my husband and I are planning to visit the beach regularly!"

    Tracy had so much fun that she would cry every time they took a break from swimming.
    PHOTO BY Joy Petalver
    The beach gives off happy vibes indeed. Just look at Baby Zia's smile!
    We're fans of how a baby looks when she feels the water. Priceless!
    PHOTO BY Çamil Felicia Laguitan
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    Yep, your baby can't help but taste the saltwater!
    PHOTO BY Mellet Garcia
    Kael was obviously excited to be in the water. Good thing dad is there to make sure he's safe!
    PHOTO BY April Arcilla
    A day at the beach means your baby gets to marvel at the feel of sand against water, just like Karyna here.
    PHOTO BY Kat Salazar-Dizon
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    Can you tell this was Althea's first time feeling the sand and waters of Boracay? 
    PHOTO BY Lalaine dela Cruz Tuyay
    No wave is going to stop Navin from having fun!
    PHOTO BY Nardz Abasola
    If Queishea could have her way, she would be swimming by herself in the waters of Surigao. But until she learns to swim, daddy will have to hold on to her!
    PHOTO BY Kwinyang Kurosaki
    Sabbine is the perfect example of a baby having fun under the sun!
    PHOTO BY Jean Ocampo
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    2. The beach will pique their curiosity.

    Mom Kimberly Ramacho says the waves were a bit rough when they took 11-month-old Alexandra to the beach so they just let her sit in her inflatable. At first, it looked like she was afraid of the water, but when the waves would reach her, Kimberly shares, "she would laugh so hard, so she was surely enjoying every bit of it!"

    Alexandra is probably wondering why the waves are touching her floater.
    PHOTO BY Kimberly Gequillo Ramacho
    Your baby might get scared if it's his first time at the beach, so give him time to get used to it. Liam Joaquin eventually loved being in the water!
    PHOTO BY Cris Gomez-Ballo
    Mommy Richdonita says her daughter may have that look of concentration on her face, but she really loves the water. "Ayaw umahon kahit antok na!"
    PHOTO BY Richdonita Sanchez
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    Mom Janis shares that her 6-month-old daughter Maliah loves the sand. But water is a different story. Aww, you'll get there, baby!
    PHOTO BY Janis Ian Reyes
    Gerlyn's daughter is probably wondering why she's at the beach. But pretty soon she'll discover how fun it is to be on the sand!
    PHOTO BY Eduard-Gerlyn Padua Velarde
    If your child gets scared of the water, a big floater will make her feel secure and help ease her fear, just like baby Agata over here.
    PHOTO BY Cielo P.
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    3. Sand play develops various skills in your baby.


    Dad Julius says his son Noah must have fallen in love with Boracay at first sight. "First thing he did after he woke up was to play in the sand. He's still wearing his pantulog!"
    PHOTO BY Julius Ver
    After a traumatizing experience in an inflatable pool, mom MJ Bibe thought her 4-year-old son Jeidrenz won't be able to go near the water again. But during his first beach trip in Batangas, the boy was surprisingly enthusiastic. "He really enjoyed it, especially playing in the sand," the mom shares.



    The beach is a very different experience from the pool, so let your kids try it, too!
    PHOTO BY MJ Bibe
    Nasha is already happy with her beach toys and scooping up sand!
    PHOTO BY Liezl Panganiban Macomb
    Strong waves can get pretty scary, so King chose to play in the sand instead. He still loves the water, though!
    PHOTO BY Kristine Patarata Salunga


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    The beach is always fun, no matter where you are. Ace here loves playing in the sand in Dubai!
    PHOTO BY Annarose Cunanan
    Could you blame Lily if she loves playing in the sand more than swimming in the open water?
    PHOTO BY Tiffany Oliquino Maquidato
    Playing with sand teaches your child a lot of things — just look at how Sebastian is concentrating!
    PHOTO BY April Perez
    Sometimes all it takes to make a child happy is to put him on the warm sand — look at Pierre's satisfied face!
    PHOTO BY MJ Cypress
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    3. The beach is therapeutic.

    The gentle lapping of the waves keeps your babies calm, so don't be surprised if your baby is super chill while swimming!

    Ever noticed babies fall asleep faster while at the beach? Just look at Jia Stellar dozing off peacefully!
    PHOTO BY Jheng Gelbolingo
    If the sand is too hot, your baby can always hang out in her floater, just like what Cassey is doing.
    PHOTO BY Michelle Miranda
    Yep, the shore is the perfect spot for a nap. Right, Uanecca?
    PHOTO BY Maricel Suarez Anilao-Ilao
    You can also hang out by the boat, while on one of your island hopping stops, just like Aiden.
    PHOTO BY Ferryl Lising
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    What better way to get your daily dose of sun than by the beach? Baby Olivia seems pretty content!
    PHOTO BY Gem Uy
    Yep, there's nothing like a trip to the beach to make your little girl really happy. Martina looks pretty satisfied!
    PHOTO BY Geralden Galope
    Even babies like Sapphire seem to like reflecting while at the beach.
    PHOTO BY Jill Churchill
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    Since her mom and dad love traveling, 4-month-old Elora's summer escapades have included a trip to BuDa (Bukidnon-Davao) and Sohoton in Surigao del Norte. Obviously, she loves every minute of it!
    PHOTO BY Cyra Anne Go
    Francia looks so happy to be near the water!
    PHOTO BY Ysabel Tuazon
    If you're lucky, the sea will lull your baby to sleep. Sweet dreams, Ynnah!
    PHOTO BY Elsie Lopez
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