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  • Baby Activity: Putting Together a Three-Piece Puzzle

    Let your child heighten his curiosity and explore his environment as he develops his inquisitive nature!
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    When it happens: 21 months

    What it means: His senses are beginning to perk up as he becomes more curious about the things around him. He’s paying more attention to details , and this is why he can already put together a three-piece puzzle. As your little one becomes more observant, you’ll see that he is slowly getting fascinated with sounds and pictures .

    How to develop the skill: “Verbal expression and language comprehension are present at 21 months,” explains Dr. Eusebio. To help develop your child’s senses, introduce him to colorful picture books and cards.

    “For example, if you show him a picture of a dog, you should also ask what sound the dog makes.” The toddler years are filled with exploratory milestones. “You can also bring your child to different places like the grocery store, where you can have him feel different textures of fruits and vegetables,” suggests Dr. Tanchanco.

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    • Joselyn Alonzo-Eusebio, M.D., developmental pediatrician, St. Luke’s Medical Center, UERM Memorial Medical Center, Eusebio Clinic
    • Lourdes Sumpaico-Tanchanco, M.D., developmental pediatrician, The Medical City
    • Websites: aap.org ; raisingchildren.net.au
    Photo from sxc.hu
    When did your child start showing marked progress with his verbal expression and language comprehension? We'd love to know. Fill up the comment form below.
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