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  • Science Says Babies Born in February Are Amazing Because of These 5 Reasons

    One study said babies born on this month may even grow up to be productive and successful.
    by Cake Evangelista .
Science Says Babies Born in February Are Amazing Because of These 5 Reasons
  • Not all babies can be geniuses, but we can argue each one has the potential to become one with help from the parents and the environment. But are their babies who are born with certain advantages?

    The answer may be linked to the month your child was born. After all, we already tie the date and month of our birth to our personality, so a correlation between a baby's birthday and his health, even his future career, shouldn't be surprising.

    Let's take February babies as an example.

    Babies born in the love month edge out other tots when it comes to health, growth, emotional development, creativity, and even do you think in the potential to achieve success in the future. Just take a look at these studies (and, yes, take it with a grain of salt).

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    Here's what science says about February babies

    1. Your baby may grow and develop faster.

    According to a 2006 study at Harvard University, babies born in February were “significantly longer at birth” compared to those born from June to November.

    The study, which followed the growth of more than 22,000 babies, also found that by age 7, kids born on February were also “significantly heavier, taller, and had a larger head circumference” than other kids.

    February babies also scored higher in some of the intelligence tests with the researchers saying that these kids are “‘smarter’ on selected neurocognitive variables.”

    2. Your baby could become the next great artist.

    In 2011, researchers from the United Kingdom found a connection between the person’s birth month and their future career. After analyzing the census data of 19 different jobs, they discovered that a lot of February babies are a creative bunch who grow up to become artists.


    A February baby who is an artist that comes to mind? Tony Award-winning Broadway star and certified Disney princess Lea Salonga was born in February.

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    3. Your baby has the potential to be prosperous and thriving in the future.

    You may believe in astrology or not, but a paper published in the Journal of Social Sciences said that a lot of successful and famous people across different industries and fields were born with the zodiac sign Aquarius.

    The researchers randomly pooled around 300 names of well-known individuals from the fields of literature, business, politics, science, music, sports, and show business. They found that a majority of them were born from January 21 to February 18.

    Keep in mind that the inventor of the light bulb Thomas Edison, American president Abraham Lincoln, and NBA legend Michael Jordan were all born in February.

    4. Your baby will grow up relatively healthier than other kids.

    A Columbia University Department of Medicine study also found that people born in February are at less risk for most diseases than those born in October and November.

    The researchers examined the medical records of more than 1.7 million people who were born from 1900 to 2000. They found that 55 diseases —including ADHD, asthma, and ear infections — out of the 1,688 they reviewed have a link to the month when a person was born.

    This means February babies are possibly more protected against some diseases. Pretty amazing, right?

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    5. Your baby may grow up with an easygoing personality.

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    Your baby’s birth month is also reportedly said to affect his or her temperament. A paper presented at the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology said people born in the winter season (or from December to February) “are significantly less prone to irritable temperament.”

    This means February babies grow up to become more even-tempered adults than those born in other months.

    Celebrate your February babies, moms! With the right guidance and proper care, your kids can grow up to be successful, happier, and healthier people.

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