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  • Baby Developmental Milestones: Language Learning (Birth to 1 Year)

    Watch out for your child's language development throughout his first year of life!
    Published Aug 14, 2009
  • Language learning starts at birth and even new babies are aware of the sounds that surround them. They also make sounds, like crying or cooing, to let others know what they are feeling. By the fourth month or so, babies make sounds that may seem like they are talking to you. And some time between the 12th and 18th month, babies will say their first word—something that all parents look forward to.



    • Rose Aligada, Ph.D. child development specialist and director, Learning Inn, Inc.
    • An Abregana, speech and language pathologist, The Medical City
    • Ages And Stages: Development Milestones For Receptive And Expressive Language Development: Speech And Language Development In Infants And Young Children Typical Speech Development by Caroline Bowen, Ph.D.
    • Websites: intelihealth.com ; med.ucmich.edu ; urmc.rochester.edu

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