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  • Hindi po namin eto gawa-gawa. It was a message we received on Facebook. Tulungan natin ☺️

    Posted by Smart Parenting on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

    Picking a name for your soon-to-come bundle of joy can be tough and time-consuming work! Your child will carry the name you choose for the rest of his or her life, so it has to be perfect. 

    One mom was clearly going through the struggle when she sent Smart Parenting  a message on Facebook asking for name suggestions for her baby girl. Her requirements? The names should start with “K” and “B.”

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    So, we turned to other SP Moms for help and posted her distress call on our Facebook page. They delivered with more than 2,000 names in the comments section! A lot of them were lovely with beautiful meanings and others were ridiculously funny! Read on to see what we mean.

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    1. Kara Beatriz

    Kara means pure in Greek and Scandinavian. It's equally as lovely in Italian and can be used as a term of endearment to mean “dearest one” or “beloved.” On the other hand, Beatriz in Latin means “she who brings joy.”

    2. Khaleesi Brienne

    Fans of the Game of Thrones series will be familiar with Khaleesi. It's a royal title that roughly translates as “queen.” It's most attributed to Daenerys Targaryen, a fearless and strong character who's also known as the “Mother of Dragons.” 

    The name Brienne can also be found in the Game of Thrones universe as a warrior character who values honor. Her names means “strong.” Perfect for girls who can conquer the world! 

    3. Kiara Belle

    The commenter explained that Kiara in Hindi means “God's precious gift,” and Belle, as many may know, means “beautiful” in several languages including French and English. Put them together, and you get “God's beautiful and precious gift.”


    4. Kori Bella

    Another commenter suggested a variation of Belle, which is Bella, and picked Kori to go with it. It also carries a lovely meaning: “God's peace.” Together, you get “God's beautiful peace.”

    5. Klaire Bernice

    Klaire in Latin and French means “clear” or “bright.” Bernice, on the other hand, means “one who brings victory” in several languages like Greek and French.  

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    But of course, aside from lovely and meaningful baby names, sprinkled here and there were pakwela name suggestions. Here are the ones that got us clutching our sides from laughter: 


    Just in time for the Christmas season


    It's definitely cute, but maybe better suited on a zoo name plate than a birth certificate.

    This one's for the foodie moms


    Because life is give and take

    Now, now! Let's not get political!

    Looks like someone's a fan of Coco

    Keep 'em coming, moms!

    Need help with your baby's name too? Send us a message on Facebook!

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