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5 Ways A Baby Makes Your Life Better
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  • When you're about to become a parent, you'll hear all sorts of stories about it being hard, exhausting, and sometimes, distressing. The truth? It can be all that. What you'll realize as you go on your journey, though, is that it is also beautiful and immensely rewarding. Here are some ways life with a child is such.

    1. You realize how wonderfully-made your body is.

    You have created a human being. How mind-blowing is it that you nurtured a baby inside you for 40 weeks, gave it life, and endured labor to bring it into this world? That, at birth, your child can survive for the first few months on yet another miraculous thing your body can make: breastmilk. Give yourself a pat on the back – you’re awesome. 

    2. You’ve found your number one fan.

    The way your baby looks at you is enough to make you blush. Your child is carefully watching you, mimicking you, learning from you. He’ll laugh when you make him, miss you as soon as you’re out of his sight, and cling to you until he falls asleep. He adores you completely.


    3. Your friends’ circle widens.

    You’ll form instant connections with fellow moms no matter your background, nationality, or beliefs. You can strike up a conversation with a total stranger just complimenting her child’s dress that you’d want to buy for your own daughter and feel at comfortable right away. Even strangers become virtual sisters when they bond in online communities, such as the Smart Parenting Village, over the topic of parenthood.

    4. You realize that you are capable of so much love.

    Sure, you’ve fallen in love, and have had this very strong bond with your BFF. You love your siblings and parents, no doubt, and are deeply committed to your husband. We’re telling you, though, nothing comes close to a parent’s love for her child. It’s hard to explain, but you’ll know when you experience it.

    5. You discover what truly matters.

    When you have a child, everything that seemed important before suddenly become trivial. Your biggest worries pre-baby are nothing compared to this huge responsibility you have now. All your time and effort will be centered on your child as your own needs now take a backseat. That tiny human being will occupy the biggest space in your heart.

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