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  • Baby Milestone Markers: 11-12 Months

    Stay on top of your 11-12-month-old tot's developmental milestones!
    by Lili Narvaez .
  • Physical Development

    -May walk with help of a wheeled toyMay start walking without help

    -Takes covers off containersLowers herself easily onto the floor

    -Climbs up and down stairsMay stand by pushing up from a squatting position

    -Displays some combination of standing, walking, and cruising

    -May climb out of crib or playpen 

    Cognitive and Mental Development

    -Prefers to use one hand over another

    -Can identify animals in pictures

    -Remembers events for longer periods of time

    -Understands much of what is said to herResponds to directions

    -May speak two or three wordsMay be learning the correct use of a toy (e.g. pegboard, hammer, telephone)

    -Searches for hidden object if she hasn’t seen it but remembers the last location

    -May put two objects in her mouth or under her arm to grasp another


    Social and Emotional Development

      --Gives attention and affection to humans and favored objects

    -Gives a kiss on requestReacts sharply to separation from parents

    -May resist being fed or may insist to feed selfFears strange people and places

    -Gives and takes a toy

    -Resists napping

    -May demand unnecessary help from others because it’s easier

    -May undress herself

    -May have tantrums

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