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  • Baby Milestone Markers: 1-2 Months

    Keep track of your 1-2-month-old baby's developmental milestones!
    Published Aug 14, 2009
  • Physical Development
    • Reflexes begin to disappear, actions are more voluntary
    • Holds chin up, lifts head momentarily, and turns it from side to side
    • Eyes can work together to move and focus on an object, and can follow moving objects to a 180-degree turn.
    • Stays awake longer
    • Needs only around 10 hours of sleep, but sleeps for longer periods of time
    • May start experimenting with limbs by stretching fingers and toes 
    • May bat at objects; attempts holding and grabbing
    • Cycles arms and legs smoothly

    Cognitive and Mental Development

    • Stares vaguely at surroundings
    • Memory for objects grows; becomes excited in anticipation of objects
    • Has a strong preference for primary colors
    • Studies movement of her own hands
    • Interested in sounds
    • Can discriminate among voices, people, tastes, and size of objects
    • Distinguishes mother’s voice from a group of others
    • Repeats actions for the sake of it

    Social and Emotional Development
    • Soothes self by sucking on fingers or pacifier
    • Quiets when held or when she sees faces or sees voices
    • Prefers watching a person than an object
    • Responds with excitement to a person’s presence
    • Stays awake longer when interacting with someone

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