• Baby Milestone Markers: 3-4 Months

    Stay on top of your 3-4 month-old tot's growth by reading this article on his developmental milestones.
    • Can focus eyes at different distances
    • Lifts head and chest up
    • Bears weight on legs
    • When held erect, pushes herself up on her feet
    • May roll over from back to stomach or stomach to back
    • Reaches and grasps objects, and brings them to her mouth
    • Sits with support and assistance
    • May start teething
    • May bat at objects with a closed fist
    • Waits for an expected reward (e.g. feeding)
    • Loves to make new sounds
    • Splashes and plays in bath
    • Cries when playtime is over
    • Notices how you talk and the individual sounds and syllables you make
    • Begins to notice cause-and-effect (e.g. that your keys will make sounds when shaken)
    • Stares at the place from which an object has been dropped
    • Is interested in smells
    • Smiles and vocalizes more to an actual face, than to an image
    • Clasps fingers and hands in play
    • Laughs out loud
    • Adjusts responses to different people
    • Tries to attract attention when a parent or family member is nearby; starts to recognize and to differentiate between family members
    • May be attentive for up to 45 minutes
    • Interested in mirror image and may smile at it
    • Attempts to soothe self; can be quieted with music

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