• Baby Milestone Markers: 6-7 Months

    Stay on top of your 6-month-old tot's growth by reading up on his expected development milestones!

    • Sits alone
    • Stands with support
    • Balances head well
    • May begin teething
    • Turns over with ease
    • May use rolling over to move around
    • May raise and lower buttocks while lying on back
    • Pushes up on hands and knees and rocks back and forth
    • May hold two objects at same time, one in each hand
    • Holds own bottle; may hold cup handle
    • May use fingers to grasp objects


    • Displays interest in feeding self with fingers
    • May compare two objects
    • Has strong taste preferences
    • Likes to explore body with mouth and hands
    • May like to suck on toes
    • Plays heartily with noisemaking objects, like rattles
    • Can concentrate attention
    • Show greater interest in details
    • May appreciate photo of another baby with self and make appropriate sounds
    • Knows that objects don’t disappear when hidden
    • Imitates sounds and series of sounds


    • May be disturbed by strangers
    • May chew fingers and suck thumb for comfort
    • Recognizes family members
    • Shows sense of humor and teases
    • Pats at mirror image
    • Wants to be included in social interaction
    • Is learning the meaning of “no” by tone of voice used


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