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  • Baby Milestone Markers: 9-10 Months

    Keep track of his development by reading on about his milestone markers.
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    • Stands with little support
    • May practice standing in the middle of the night, developing sleep problems
    • Voluntarily releases an object in awkward manner
    • Grasps tiny objects with thumb and index finger
    • Walks holding on both hands
    • Sits down from standing position
    • May be able to rise to a standing position
    • Can carry two small objects in one hand
    • Increasingly imitates actions of others
    • May repeat words increasingly, making it an answer to every question
    • Understands and obeys some words and commands
    • Searches for an object if she saw it hidden
    • Reaches behind her to get a toy without seeing it
    • Interested in fitting things together
    • Responds to music by rocking, bouncing, swaying, humming

    • Enjoys playing in the water
    • Prefers one or several toys
    • Repeats sounds and gestures to get attention
    • Waves bye-bye
    • Shows moods (hurt, happy, sad, angry)
    • Enjoys variations of peek-a-boo
    • Feeds herself some food
    • Grows aware of self
    • Seeks social approval; seeks companionship and attention
    • Fears strange places

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