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Here Are 35 Baby Names for Girls With Beautiful Meanings
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  • Choosing the perfect name for your daughter is probably one of the hardest decisions you’ll ever make in life. There are thousands of baby names for girls, and narrowing it down to one to three that she’ll be using for the rest of her life can be a little overwhelming.

    If you’re expecting (congratulations!), we’ve compiled a list of girls’ names from A to E (watch out for the next batch) that come from different origins. We’ve also included the meaning behind each. Your daughter’s name will form part of her identity, so it’s important to give her a name with an individual or significant meaning behind it.

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    Baby names for girls that start with the letter 'A'


    Japanese in origin, it means ‘love’ or ‘child of love.’

    Alex / Alexis

    Another trending theme for names of girls is gender-neutral options. Greek in origin, the name means ‘defender of men’ or ‘helper of mankind.’


    One of the most popular trends for 2018 includes names that start and end with ‘S.’ Anais is of French origin, a variant of the name ‘Anne’ meaning ‘grace.’

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    The most famous ‘Arya’ in this generation might be the feisty character in the Games of Thrones series. According to the website and name database Nameberry , it’s one of the trending names for 2018. The modern version of Aria, which means lioness, Arya also means ‘noble or honorable.’


    The name means ‘beautiful goddess’ in Danish, Scandinavian, and Swedish. If you’ve watched or read, Crazy Rich Asians, one of the characters there really live up to the name, exuding elegance and class in everything that she does.



    If you’re looking for a biblical name, then this name, which means ‘miracle’ in Arabic might be the one for you. In Islamic tradition, the name also means ‘sign of God’s greatness.’


    Fancy giving your girl a Filipino name? Awit means hymn, so it’s perfect if you love music, and you want to pass that passion down to your kids.

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    Baby names for girls that start with the letter 'B'


    Fancy raising a future lawyer? Gift her with this name! A gender-neutral name that is among the top 1,000 names of 2017 in the United States, Bailey means ‘law enforcer,’ or ‘bailiff’ (an officer in a court of justice).


    In Italian and Latin, the name means ‘beautiful.’ Similarly, ‘Belle’ is used to describe a beautiful girl in French and English.


    This is a Greek name that is mentioned in the Book of Acts. It means ‘one that brings victory.’

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    Another name that is included in the top 1,000 names, Bethany means ‘house of figs.’ In the New Testament, it is the home of siblings Mary, Martha, and Lazarus.


    The name is interesting because it has two meanings that are complete opposites. According to Baby Name Wizard, in Old English; it can either mean ‘black or dark complexioned’ (from the Old English word blæc) or ‘bright, shining, fair-haired’ (from the Old English blāc).


    It’s also among the top 1,000 names and comes from Celtic origin. It means ‘strong’ or ‘exalted.’

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    If you want a mighty name for your daughter, this one means ‘power, strength, vigor, and virtue.’ From its Gaelic and Irish roots, the name can also mean ‘the exalted one.’

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    Baby names for girls that start with the letter 'C'


    According to a LinkedIn study, specific names appear in CEO profiles more often than others, including Carolyn. If you want your child to attract success, gift her with this name that means ‘free man.’ It’s also a variation of Caroline, a classic name that evokes elegance.


    From its Welsh origin, the name just means ‘love.’


    Since more parents are opting for gender-neutral baby names for girls, this one, which is of Irish origin, is an excellent choice. It means ‘brave in battle.’

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    Nameberry calls it one of the best names because it is feminine, royal, and saintly. It’s also included in a list of names associated with success. Greek in origin, Catherine (or its variation, Katherine) means ‘pure.’


    Another name with a Welsh origin, the name means ‘blessed love.’


    The name is among the top 10 names of 2017 in the United States and also means ‘free man.’ Perhaps the most popular girl with this name now is Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.


    Also a common CEO name, it derives its name from the Latin and Greek name Kynthia, who is also Artemis, the goddess of the moon and of the hunt.

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    Baby names for girls that start with the letter 'D'



    Part of the top 1,000 names of 2017, Daisy is a flower name that is also a nickname for Margaret, which means, ‘pearl.’


    This name, which can be used for both boys and girls, has Native American roots. It means ‘the friendly one’ or ‘friend.’


    The Roman goddess of the moon, hunt, and nature, the name already suggests a heavenly presence. It’s no surprise that the name means, ‘divine.’

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    Why not name your daughter after a fairy? They are wise, gentle, and beautiful.


    A lot of women CEOs are named Deborah, which is of Hebrew origin and means ‘bee.’ In the bible, she was a poet, judge, and heroic prophet who predicted that the Israelites would win their freedom from the Canaanites.


    Though known in the Bible as the woman who tricked Samson into revealing the secret of his strength, Delilah in Hebrew actually means ‘delicate.’ It’s also a trendy name, especially in the United States. Nameberry says its meaning is also ‘delight.’


    As part of the top 1,000 names of 2017, Delaney is Gaelic in origin and means ‘descendant of the challenger.’ Hopefully, your daughter will grow up brave and courageous if given this name!

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    Baby names for girls that start with the letter 'E'


    Though one of the most common names, Elizabeth is a classic name that means ‘pledged to God.’ It’s also a name that connotes success and commands respect, according to a study.


    Nameberry says this is one of the names that studies have identified as most likely to get into top colleges. In Greek, it means ‘bright, shining one,’ according to BabyCenter.



    Another baby name trend for girls are names that mean 'rich.' Elodie means ‘foreign riches’ so if you’re looking to attract wealth and fortune, gift your girl with this name.


    The name has a Spanish origin and means ‘truth, white, or beautiful.’

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    Among this year’s trends for baby names for girls are names that end in ‘-er.’ Ember, a variation of Amber, means ‘spark,’ or ‘burning low’ (ember is the glowing, hot coal that remains after a fire).


    Emma is the most popular of all baby names for girls for 2017! It means ‘whole’ or ‘universal’ and is German in origin. There are many famous actresses with the name Emma, including Emma Stone and Harry Potter actress Emma Watson.


    If you’re looking for a biblical name, consider this woman who was mentioned in the Book of Timothy. The Greek name means ‘good victory.’

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