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Real Moms Share Why Having a Baby Registry Is Worth It
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  • Giving gifts is an age-old tradition that signifies felicitations, good intentions, and gratitude. Over the years, the art of gift giving has evolved. Before, one had to resort to guesswork to find a gift the recipient might like; conversely, it was only by pure luck that the one being gifted wouldn't get two or three of the same gift from different people. But, now the concept of a gift registry has made gift giving a more efficient and convenient task. And nowhere is it more true than having a baby registry when you get pregnant.

    Advantages of a baby registry

    1. You have control over the gifts your baby will receive.

    Mom Leana Tyrene says she created a gift registry for her baby '[para] yung gusto mo talaga mabibigay kay baby. Minsan puro toys kasi ang gifts, eh, we need space sa house so it's good to have a registry so you can choose talaga ang useful things for baby." Mom Gracey Vallarta-Saquing agrees, saying, "My purpose was to get as gift [the] stuff that are really useful and needed by my son."

    2. A baby registry is better than a wishlist. 

    Mom Laiza Deogracias decided to get the services of SM Gift Registry because it was easier than coming up with a wish list and sending it to her guests, "especially since I used e-invites instead of printed ones." She found it convenient that the store also put the registry online, allowing her guests to view the list without going all the way to the store. 


    3. A baby registry takes the guesswork out of gift giving. 

    Some will say that a baby registry takes the surprise and the fun out of gift giving. Well, that may be true. And although it might seem like you're dictating to your guests, a lot of them actually appreciate that you have a gift registry. Says mom Chrissy Dalusong, "Friends and family actually asked if I was registered anywhere for both my baby's baptism and 1st birthday. It helps lessen the burden of them thinking of a good gift to give us. We just made sure price range was wide enough to accommodate anyone's budget." By pre-selecting items through a gift registry, you are narrowing down the choices and doing the gift giver a favor by making the process easier.

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    4. A baby registry helps you avoid receiving duplicate gifts.

    Because the items are pre-selected, a baby registry should save you the trouble of getting two of the same gift (unless they're consumables, like diapers, in which case it's a good thing). In her experience, however, mom Inez Louisa Crisostomo says she still got double of some items, which she chalks up to a system glitch. In any case, you could return and exchange duplicate items for something else. 

    5. Your guests get discounts.

    Guests can be treated to additional discounts in some stores. At the SM Baby Gift Registry, it's 10%, and for Babymama, it's 5%, says mom Paula Jalosjos. If the items in her list aren't all bought, mom Gail de Guzman-Bufi says she gets to buy them at the same discounted price as a perk to using the registry services. 

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    6. You enjoy other perks.

    Mom Leslie Tripoli appreciates it that SM Gift Registry has its own gift-wrapping section. Laiza says they offer free delivery of the items that were purchased, while mom Iya Veloso-Agarao is satisfied with their customer service. 

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    Frequently-asked questions about baby registry

    1. How does one set up a registry?

    The process is fairly simple. For most physical stores, you only need to go to their baby registry section to sign up. You will be asked to fill up a form and select the items to be included in your registry. You'll do this signing up and selection process on the website for online shops.

    2. Is there a fee for signing up?

    There usually is no sign-up fee for baby registries. This service is free for most stores.

    3. I feel uncomfortable telling people what I want them to give my baby. Is it not considered rude?

    The modern-day guests are usually appreciative of this service. These days, gift registries are totally acceptable —essential even. Consider it one worry off your list. Furthermore, a baby registry is just an option — guests may or may not use the service anyway. They could get a gift for your baby from elsewhere, make one, or choose not to give any gift at all — it is totally up to them. Whichever it is, just remember to show appreciation for their time and their presence.

    4. What items should I include in the shopping list?

    It really depends on you, but do consider that your guests will have varying budgets to spend for a gift, so try to include gift suggestions from all price points. 

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    5. How do I let my guests know about the registry without sounding demanding?

    You can include in your invitations the gift card that the store will give you after you register. It will include the store name, your baby's name, their branches' locations, and a unique registry code for identification. 

    6. How early should I sign up for a registry? And how long will it be available?

    According to mom Chrissy, an ideal leadtime would be two to three weeks before your event (baby shower, christening, or birthday) because stores will usually have the registry up for a month (it varies per store). Make sure to clarify this when you make an inquiry.

    7. Can I have more than one registry?

    Absolutely, you can sign up for a baby registry in more than one store.  

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    Here are some establishments and online services that offer baby gift registry services

    1. The SM Store 

    2. Robinsons Department Store 

    3. Rustan's Department Store

    Has branches in Makati, Shangri-La Plaza EDSA, Alabang Town Center, and Gateway Mall in Cubao

    4. Pottery Barn Kids

    Has branches in Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons in Pasig and in Central Square, Bonifacio High Street

    5. Mothercare

    Has branches at the Podium, Bonifacio High Street, and Shangri-La Plaza EDSA

    6. Baby Company

    Stand-alone branches are located in SM Megamall Building A, SM Aura Premier, and Power Plant Mall. Baby Company products are also available at The SM Store branches

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    7. Babymama.ph

    8. Milkandhoney.ph 

    9. Knotsandpans.com

    10. Urbanessentials.com.ph 

    11. Crate & Barrel 


    12. Baby Set Go 

    13. Amazon.com

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