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  • Baby Yoga: More than Just Baby Exercise

    Baby yoga isn’t hard to do. Plus it’s a fun baby and mommy exercise.
    by Katherine Eustaquio .
  • When we think of yoga, the first things that come to mind are the numerous contorted positions.  Yoga is primarily a philosophy and discipline and over the years, the physical aspect of yoga has been successful in helping its practitioners achieve as sense of serenity through its calming effects on the mind and body.

    Yoga has gone a long way from being simply a body exercise.  Nowadays, it has become a series of fun activities for kids and moms as a form of interactive body exercise .

    Different sets of fun postures
    Baby Yoga has a different set of muscle and posture exercises that are specifically designed for moms and their newborn babies—Panda Rub, Rolling Cub, Dreaming Giraffe, Hippo at the Water Hole, Tiger in a Tree, Laughing Monkey.

    Moms can assist their babies in doing these body stretches while they practice proper breathing techniques as taught in yoga classes.  Aside from the body stretches, moms are also taught massage techniques that will help their babies’ muscle development. Baby yoga instructors use calming music to help the babies focus and the mothers de-stress.

    The benefits of baby yoga
    Not only is Baby Yoga a set of new and exciting baby activities, but it also aids in:

       - growth
       - balance
       - coordination
       - prevents colic in newborn babies
       - increases oxygen intake through proper breathing techniques

    Proven safe and effective, baby yoga improves your baby’s health dramatically.  Enjoy these fun baby activities with Pampers Active Baby to help him stretch to his limits.





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