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  • Babyproofing your Home

    Arm yourself with enough know-how when it comes to childproofing products—because it’s always better to be safe than sorry.
    by Loren G. Evangelista .
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    Table edge and corner guards
    The danger: These furniture guards can come off easily if they are not the right fit or if the adhesive backing does not stay in place. Also, instead of keeping your child away from sharp corners, he may be more attracted towards it if it comes in different colors or designs.
    Safe and sound: Before installing edge guards that come by the roll, measure your furniture carefully to make sure that the size is appropriate for your desk or table. Although some are sold without adhesive, corner guards that come with sticky tape are better so as to keep them in place. “My corner guards kept sliding off the table until I found out I didn’t use the adhesive that came with the package to stick them on to the corners,” shares Suzette Wenceslao, dermatologist, and mom to Bianca, 1.

    Bath seats
    The danger: There have been several reports of drowning because of bath seats tipping over, the child slipping or climbing out of it, and entrapment in the leg openings. Bath seats with older designs (which feature suction cups and larger leg holes) can tip over or allow a baby to slide underwater, even with a parent close by. Many have said that these products should actually not be considered as safety devices to begin with since they do not guarantee a safe environment for the child, especially when left unsupervised.
    Safe and sound: Get something sturdy and well made, so it won’t tip off easily, and replace it as soon as it has become damaged or worn out. It should be the proper fit for your child, and should not have any rough edges that might scrape your baby’s skin. Above all, never leave the baby in the bath by himself or even with an older child. Do not use a bath seat or ring if your baby is still unable to sit up on his own, and once he can already pull himself up to a standing position. 


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