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  • Baby's Fine Motor Skills: Birth to 12 Months

    These are small muscle movements that control the hands, wrists, fingers, and thumbs, usually in coordination with the eyes, as well as the small muscles of the toes, lips, and tongue.

    by Anna Santos-Villar . Published Aug 14, 2009
  • Any action using the hands starting with primitive gestures such as grabbing objects, to more precise activities that involve hand-eye coordination and a redefined use of the small muscles are fine motor skills. These skills are required to complete tasks such as writing, drawing, buttoning a shirt, grabbing, or taking hold of an object with the thumb and forefinger.
    Activities for Infants (Birth to 12 months):
    Hand him toys with varied shapes and sizes, toys he can hold, grasp, and tinker with. Preschool teacher Teena Valdez-Panga suggests letting babies grab and let go of each toy by throwing it off the playpen. Parents can boost toddlers’ fine motor skills by letting them explore bigger toys and exposing them to construction toys such as big blocks.


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