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  • ‘Know That It Gets Better’, Bianca Gonzalez’s Advice For First-Time Moms

    We just have to grow into parenthood at our own pace.
    by Em Cruz . Published Sep 20, 2023
‘Know That It Gets Better’, Bianca Gonzalez’s Advice For First-Time Moms
  • "Grow into motherhood at your own pace." This is just one of Bianca Gonzalez-Intal's pieces of advice for first-time moms at the Edamama Family Expo, which took place on September 16th.

    Bianca Gonzalez, along with Pediatric-Dematologist Dr. Ayees Mendoza, hosted a special segment on how moms can prepare for their baby’s arrival on behalf of Johnson’s and the brand’s #HealthyBabySkinPromise.

    The host, writer, advocate, and mom of two, said: “It’s important for new moms to know that it’s OK to ask questions and listen to advice from experts and even other experienced moms.”

    On that note, Bianca and Dr. Ayees proceeded to talk about what moms should include in their hospital bags when it's time to give birth. In addition to newborn clothes and personal items for the mother, they recommended that moms also bring products designed for their newborn's safety.

    Dr. Ayees then emphasized the importance of caring for a baby's sensitive skin. She noted that a newborn's skin is thinner than an adult's and requires products specifically formulated for them. She also reminded parents that it's OK for newborns to have a quick bath using a gentle cleanser and that their skin should always be well-moisturized by applying lotion after baths and cream on areas prone to dryness, such as the elbows, knees, and ankles.

    The program highlighted the Johnson’s Baby Milk+Rice range and how suitable it is for newborns’ developing skin, especially with its safe and gentle ingredients for healthy baby skin. The Johnson’s Milk+Rice Bath and Lotion are packed with milk proteins and rice extracts, two natural ingredients known to lock in moisture and protect baby’s natural skin barrier. Aside from this, the segment also introduced the new Johnson’s Milk+Rice Baby Cream. This works with other bathtime essentials in keeping baby’s skin moisturized, to ensure the #HealthyBabySkinPromise.

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    The Johnson’s Milk + Rice Baby Cream features a creamy formula with milk proteins and rice extract that effectively hydrates and replenishes the face and body. It is designed to provide hydration for up to 24 hours and protect the skin's natural barriers to lock in moisture; this cream can be used by moms on their babies and even on themselves to moisturize rough and dry skin patches.

    When asked why she chose Johnson's products, Bianca admitted to using the popular pink variant as a child and said, “From the moment my two girls were born, as every mom would, I always want to give them my best. For me, this includes the best care for their growing skin and hair. I am so lucky to have had Johnson's Baby as part of my two girls’ daily routines from day 1 and from their first bath! I am a witness to how real the Johnson’s #HealthyBabySkinPromise is because of how I have seen Lucia and Carmen's skin moisturized and protected through their different ages and stages. I'm excited and happy for all the new moms who have yet to experience the Johnson’s #HealthyBabySkinPromise with Milk+Rice Bath, Lotion, and the new Baby Cream for their little ones."

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    The mother of two also emphasized the importance of establishing a routine and modeling good hygiene practices for kids. She shared that her children understand the importance of keeping their skin well-moisturized using lotions and creams, saying, "They know that after playing, they need to wash up and moisturize; it's automatic."

    When asked up to what age Johnson's products are suitable for, Dr. Ayees stated that there's no definite age limit. Babies, teens, and even moms themselves can use the products, including the new Johnson's Milk + Rice Baby Cream. The team mentioned that aside from their baby range, Johnson's also offers a kids' range specially formulated to meet growing kids' needs. It's up to moms to decide if they prefer stronger products for their kids as they grow up. However, Dr. Ayees reminded parents that if their kids experience any unusual reactions, it's best to consult a healthcare professional to address the issue.


    Dr. Ayees Mendoza succinctly notes, "As a dermatologist, I am delighted to see and be involved in efforts in educating moms on the well-being of baby skin and how they can best support this especially during the newborn stage.”

    L-R: Mich Masungsong, senior brand manager for Baby Care; celebrity mombassador Bianca Gonzalez; Claire Khadka, marketing manager for Baby Care; Isabel Lacson-Ruiz, senior marketing manager for Baby Care
    PHOTO BY Johnson's Baby

    Claire Khadka, marketing manager for Johnson's Baby also shares, "The #HealthyBabySkinPromise embodies our commitment to creating a world where every baby enjoys the best care possible. Our Johnson’s Baby Milk+Rice line of products is designed to be safe yet effective for newborns, and we hope that these products continue to be a trusted companion for parents, offering the love and care that every newborn and their skin deserves."

    As a parting piece of advice for expectant moms, Bianca shared what she believes is the best advice for new moms coping with the "fourth trimester," or the first 12 weeks of parenting. She admitted that she found the newborn stage challenging and recalled advice from Smart Parenting's editor-in-chief, Ronna Capili Bonifacio, who said, “If you’re losing your mind, right after you give birth, I just want you to know, you’re right on schedule.”

    Bianca said that moms should always remember that dealing with the baby or kids might seem hard at first, but we’ll “figure it out.”


    “It is comforting to know that things get better.”

    The Edamama Family Expo was a three day event held last September 15th to 17th at the SMX Convention Center. It offered insightful parenting talks and exclusive deals and discounts from over 250 beloved mama, baby, kid, and household brands. If you missed it, you can still enjoy deals at Edamama’s after-party sale, which will be held from September 22 to 24. You can also visit Edamama’s physical stores located in Glorietta, SM Southmall, and Robinsons Magnolia.

    Johnson’s Baby products can be purchased on the Edamama mobile app and online websites.

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