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This Is the 'Trendiest' Baby Name for a Boy in the U.S. and Australia
  • In the U.S. and Australia, one baby boy name takes the title of “trendiest,” and it’s Jason.

    In the baby name analysis conducted by David Taylor, “trendy” was defined as a name that was “very, very popular for very, very brief periods.” Data spanning decades were compared, and it was Jason that was held the “trendiest” in the U.S., according to Vox.com with Mamamia.com saying the same can be said in Australia.

    Contenders for the trendiest baby boy name title include the names Mark, Woodrow, Dewey, and Grover, as per the analysis. For girls, Linda takes the crown, followed by Shirley, Ashley, Debra, and Brittan as the most popular.

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    Filipino parents' choice of baby names over the years

    While Jason is a popular name in the Philippines, Pinoy parents are more fond of biblical and religious baby names and culture affects our trends in baby names. It seems we like to take inspiration from big events, popular celebrities, and even characters from TV shows and movies. In 2014, for example, the boy name Francis was at the 39th spot in a list of popular names in the Philippines. In 2015, when Pope Francis visited the country, the name shot up to 4th place! 

    Based on the released data from the Philippine Statistics Authority (for 2000-2005 and 2014-2015) and the ABS-CBN Investigative and Research Group (for 2012-2013 for boys and girls), here are popular baby names that consistently top the lists: 

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    Baby names for boys

    1. Joshua

    Popular starting in 2000 and still reaching top spots in 2015, this name means savior or deliverer. In the Old Testament, Joshua was given the responsibility to lead the Israelites to the Promised Land, a duty previously held by Moses. 


    2. John

    Hebrew in origin, John means “God is gracious.” In the bible, John is an apostle also described as the “the disciple whom Jesus loved.” It was a very popular name during the early 2000s.

    3. Gabriel

    Gabriel, a boy's name that is Hebrew in origin, means “God is my strength.” It is also the name of the archangel who announced the coming of Jesus. It topped the 2014 list and was given 2nd place in 2015 as it was outranked by “Nathaniel.”

    4. James

    Two of Jesus' apostles are named James. It is also a book in the Bible where a verse reads “From James, servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ.” This name was included in the top five for four consecutive years, 2012 to 2015.

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    Baby names for girls

    1. Angel/Angelica

    Did you know that in Latin and Greek Angel means messenger? Angels act as God's messengers whom he sends down to mankind. The appeal of the name Angel for baby girls is constant as it topped charts for the early 2000s and in recent years. 

    2. Nicole

    Nicole means “victory of the people in Greek.” This name does not appear in the Bible. Nicole was popular during the early 2000s. It lost its appeal afterward but made a comeback in 2014 reaching 6th place. 

    3. Althea

    Althea is a greek name meaning “with healing power.” It's popularity ranked it 3rd and 2nd place consecutively in 2014 and 2015. 

    4. Princess

    The Philippines may not have a monarchy but that doesn't mean Pinoy parents can't name their daughter after the royal title, right? Princess is also consistantly popular in recent years. 

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