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  • Brain Game: Cuddle Up change to Baby Brain Booster: Touch and Cuddle Stuffed Toys

    Try this activity that allows your tot to express affection and develop his sense of touch, aiding his physical growth.
    by Lili Narvaez and Rowena Espiritu .
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    Gather your child’s favorite stuffed animals. Pick one toy and ask your toddler to pick his “cuddler,” too. Encourage him to touch and stroke the toy. Then swap toys. Ask him to cuddle and gently kiss the toy on the forehead. Hold and cuddle your child this time. Let him give the instructions as you follow his lead.

    Brain research says: Babies need to be touched to stimulate brain connections. The brain then releases hormones that allow the child to grow physically.

    • Leticia Peñano-Ho, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and neurotherapist, PsychPros, Inc., Xanland tower, Katipunan Ave., Quezon City
    • Mila De Leus-Bascon, preschool coordinator and Infant-Toddler Development Program educator, Community of Learners School for Children, New Manila, Quezon City
    • Brain Games by Jane Kemp, Claire Walters, and Dr. Dorothy Einon
    • Book for Toddler Years by Adrienne Popper

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