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  • Camille Prats Admits Talking To Angelica Panganiban About ‘Mahirap Maging Nanay’

    Plus benefits of taking on motherhood with close friends.
    by Em Cruz .
Camille Prats Admits Talking To Angelica Panganiban About ‘Mahirap Maging Nanay’
PHOTO BY Instagram / CamillePrats, IAmAngelicaP
  • Actress and host Camille Prats recently offered her insights on motherhood and her friendship with actress Angelica Panganiban, as well as what she believes is the secret to a joyful and enduring marriage.

    Speaking to reporters at the recently concluded Preview Ball, the conversation began with Camille sharing how grateful she is for her new series. She also expressed how much she misses the "G-mik" era of her life, especially since the 1999 series is currently trending on TikTok. Camille, who was part of the series with Angelica Panganiban, then admitted, "Nakakamiss talaga, ang sarap din balikan. And those are the things also that, iyun din iyung pinag-uusapan namin ni Angge whenever we message each other. Kasi syempre, we follow each other. Si Bean, sobrang cute. So whenever I see her, I would always message her."

    When asked about Angelica Panganiban’s recent Instagram post on how “Ang lagi nalang kinakamusta iyung anak niya, nakakalimutan na siya kamustahin,” Camille shared that "May mga times kasi na syempre we talk about the struggles of motherhood. So minsan, in passing, napagdadaanan, napag-uusapan pero hindi naman iyung sobrang like really talking about it na mas malalim pa. Pero yes sometimes, kapag nakakapag-chikahan kami, we always talk about mahirap maging nanay. Sometimes people think it’s always about the baby, pero kamusta nga naman si mommy diba?"


    Camille then expressed her happiness for her friend, saying, "She deserves it. She deserves all the love, the family that she’s building now. All of these things, deserve niya, kasi simple lang naman si Angge eh. Eto lang naman iyung buhay na gusto niya. Gusto lang niya ng puno ng pagmamahal at ng kasiguraduhan. Something stable in life, and I’m very glad that finally she has that now."

    In the final part of the video, Camille shared her insights on maintaining a happy and lasting marriage. Her advice? She says, “A marriage always has to be Christ-centered. Para sa akin, mahirap magkaroon or to be in a marriage kung it’s always about you or the other person. Dapat pareho kayo, you have to seek God together, kasi iyun lang iyung magiging guideline niyo kung paano niyo din mamahalin ang isa’t isa.”

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    Growing into your motherhood journey with close friends

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    Moms may not always realize it, but such chikahan and bonding moments with our long-time friends who are also grappling with their motherhood journey is essential to keep our sanities intact. Here are some key benefits:

    Emotional Support: Motherhood can be emotionally demanding, and having close friends who are also mothers can provide a valuable support system. They understand the unique challenges and joys you face, allowing you to share your feelings and seek advice without judgment.

    Shared Experiences: Raising children often involves common experiences, such as sleepless nights, teething, and potty training. Sharing these experiences with friends can create a sense of camaraderie and empathy, making you feel less isolated in your journey.

    Resource Sharing: Moms often discover helpful parenting tips, products, and resources through their own experiences. Sharing these insights with friends can save you time and money, as you can learn from each other's successes and mistakes.


    Advice and Perspective: Close friends can offer valuable advice and different perspectives on parenting challenges. Hearing how others handle similar situations can help you make informed decisions and find solutions that work for your family.

    Reduced Stress: Having a circle of mom friends can help alleviate stress by providing you with a reliable support network. Whether you need someone to watch your child in an emergency or just a listening ear, your friends are there for you.

    Mutual Growth: As you navigate motherhood together, you and your friends can grow and evolve. You can learn from each other's parenting styles, adapt to new challenges, and gain a deeper understanding of yourselves and your roles as mothers.

    Increased Confidence: Knowing that you have a supportive network of friends who have faced similar situations can boost your confidence as a mother. You can trust your parenting decisions more when you have a group of friends who validate your choices.


    Lifelong Friendships: The bonds formed during the motherhood journey can lead to lifelong friendships. These friends may continue to be a source of support and companionship even as your children grow and your lives evolve.

    So, don’t forget to say “Hello” and “Kamusta” to that friend who recently had a baby, mama. You might just be able to provide the support boost that she needs.

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