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  • Celebrating a Legacy Built on Science and Love

    JOHNSON'S® celebrates its 125th year of giving always the best for baby.
Celebrating a Legacy Built on Science and Love
  • This year marks a special milestone as JOHNSON'S® celebrates its 125th year. As a brand committed to finding out all there is to know about babies, JOHNSON'S® has long been a leader in global research on the unique and special needs of every baby. This includes their eyes, skin, hair, and overall development! 

    Recommended by healthcare practitioners all over the world, its products are formulated to care for a baby's changing needs as they course through various life stages: newborn, infant, and toddler.

    Invested in providing the best for the critical and foundational years with products that are mild, gentle and safe for newborns and infants

    Babies age zero to one have delicate skin and lose twice as much water as adult skin. As newborn skin continues to change throughout the first years of life, its dynamic properties need to be addressed with appropriate skin care routines to avoid any skin irritation.

    That is why JOHNSON'S® Top-to-Toe Wash with its No More Tears Formula is appropriate for your newborn. It cleanses while protecting the natural moisture in a newborn skin—providing gentle care for your baby from the first days of life.

    As your baby grows, so does his needs. Toddlers one to three years old start to become more mobile, which is why their skin needs proper and complete nourishment. To keep their skin strong and healthy, it's ideal to use JOHNSON'S® Milk + Rice, which contains 200 percent more natural milk goodness (refers to two times more skin vitamins versus previous formula). Mommies can also try JOHNSON'S® Milk + Oats to achieve baby-soft skin.

    Providing active protection that combines comfort and freshness during the playful toddler years

    Kids four to seven years old are more active, which means they need products that will keep them fresh throughout the day. These include powder and bath time essentials.

    JOHNSON'S® believes that playtime for kids is much more than just fun and games; it's also a way for them to develop their mind and senses.

    "A baby's needs are very much different from our own. Each sense, from sight to touch, and during all the moments of play and exploration that our babies go through as they develop, are opportunities to nurture their happy and healthy development," says Bessie Colet Campillo, Johnson's Marketing Manager. "All these moments are also opportunities for us to empower parents to maximize bonding with their babies to nurture the best development possible."

    Honoring and celebrating families nationwide

    This year, JOHNSON'S® has a series of activities and programs lined up as a way to honor and celebrate every parent who put their trust in the brand through the years.

    JOHNSON'S® has also been collecting stories about how moms or dads give their best for their children. Here are some of them:

    A.C. Hausam's baby Hans was born with a skin condition. He came out shiny with a bright red, thick, tight skin. Hans is a collodion baby. Read his story here.

    Celebrity mom Bettina Carlos shares how being a mom has helped her become more mature. Read about it here.

    When you become a mom, you make a lot of sacrifices but it's all worth it! Read about mommy Anne Clutz' story here.

    Consumers are encouraged to continue submitting their stories, which will be featured in brand assets.

    All the activities JOHNSON'S® has lined up for 2018 not only aims to create a better world for babies but also give back to families whose lives JOHNSON'S® has been a part of over the years. As for the brand, this comes with a great commitment to always give its best care for years to come.

    For more information and updates on Johnson's 125 Years Campaign, visit the brand's official Facebook page.

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