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  • A Dad Tells His Son About Wife's Sacrifices: 'Your Mother Is The Reason I Hold You Today'

    These are the words of appreciation all moms need to hear.
    by Rachel Perez .
A Dad Tells His Son About Wife's Sacrifices: 'Your Mother Is The Reason I Hold You Today'
  • Studies have proven that the earlier dads are involved in nurturing a new life, the better for both their partners and their children. It starts with supporting the pregnant woman, and then most especially during childbirth.

    Even the most squirmy dads are encouraged to witness first-hand their baby’s arrival — that’s why birth classes are for both parents. The advantages of being present during childbirth range from having less painful and complicated births to kickstarting the nurturing instinct, which paves the way for being a hands-on dad. (Click here to read more about the advantages of dads present during childbirth.)

    Another perk of having your partner present when you give birth is that he’s able to realize, appreciate, and value a mother’s sacrifice. That is, if they don’t already feel the same way at least about their own moms.

    William Trice Battle, a dad of two from the U.S., wrote an open letter to his second son, Roman Creed, now 4 months. In his letter, he tells his son about everything that his wife, Lauren Battle, had done for their little boy the moment he was conceived until now.

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    “For nine months, your mother was all you knew,” William wrote in his letter. He stressed that everything he has been doing for the little boy had been done first by his wife. Before he could hold him, set aside time for him, console him when he cried, and more, it was his mom who did everything for him while he was still in her womb.


    “Before I could do anything for you, your mother gave everything for you. Your mother is the reason I hold you today.” the dad of two said. “Before you were even a twinkle in my eye, you were in your mother’s heart. Your life, your safety, and your very existence depended on her. Something I’ll never be able to repay,” William added.

    The dad of two also acknowledged that it would take a long time for his son to understand the “weight, the depth, and the immeasurabilty” of their mother’s love. He’s confident they will grasp it once he becomes a parent himself.

    “So “I’ll hold you tight, but I’ll hold your mother tighter because my love for you grows the more I understand the measure of a mother’s love,” William wrote, ending his letter to his son. Read his full letter below.

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    Though the letter is addressed to his son, William wrote it for Lauren because her language of love is through words of affirmation. “So I try to not only tell her in person but to write things that are truly meaningful to her,” the dad of two tells Bored Panda.

    It’s a small gesture to remind them both of their love amidst the beautiful chaos of welcoming a child into this world. William said partners “owe it to each other to make sure that when they love on their children, they remember that the child represents the most beautiful possible result of their love.”

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    William, also a stepfather to Lauren’s 5-year-old-son, made sure he was present to support his wife when she gave birth to Roman Creed, their first child together, in November 2019. Back then, he already wrote a touching reflection about witnessing childbirth.

    “I honestly don’t know how she did it. The pain was so intense, so overwhelming that even I felt it. Everyone in the room felt it. Yet she pulled through,” William wrote.

    “My son is an absolute miracle. Babies are absolute miracles. But to me, the greater miracle is his mother, who has shown me what selfless sacrifice really is. What love really is,” he added.

    “My wife is the real miracle,” William said. (We”re not crying; you are!)


    Childbirth is not just a celebration of a new life. It also marks the triumphs of a woman giving birth. It’s nice to know that some new dads realize this, too, and speak up about it.

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