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  • MYTH: You will confuse a child by raising him with two or more languages.

    FACT: A child’s brain can cope with two languages or more without affecting the dominant languages, as proven by decades of research in many multilingual countries (e.g., Canada, Switzerland, Belgium).


    MYTH: Multilingualism is nice but uncommon.

    FACT: About 75% of the world’s population speaks more than one language.


    MYTH: Learn one language first and then teach the other language later.

    FACT: This is not only wrong, but totally counterproductive. Studies have concluded that learning a second language simultaneously is magnitudes easier for both baby and parents.


    MYTH: Your child will only mix the languages together.

    FACT: Yes, mixing will occur, but it is both harmless and temporary. As the child increases his vocabulary in each language this phenomenon automatically disappears.


    MYTH: At this age, becoming multilingual is too late.

    FACT: No such thing! Children can always learn another language at any age–as can adults. It may be easier during the early critical period but a stimulating learning environment will get any child started with another language.

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