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  • Decoding your Baby's Bowel Movements

    Here's a quick guide to determining what is normal bowel movement for your infant.
    by SmartParenting Staff .
  • A quick scan of parenting forums show that Filipino moms frequently ask questions about changes in their baby’s bowel movement. It’s certainly a topic of foremost interest and concern.

    Health professionals say that an infant may go through a range of bowel motions depending on what he eats. When a baby’s diet is changed, it is normal to see changes in the color and texture of the stool. Quick rule of thumb: what goes in affects what comes out.

    Based on what the baby is fed, here’s a guide onwhat parents could expect to see:

    bowel movement chart

    The more parents are aware of the factors which affect a baby’s stool, the more prepared they’ll be for the normal changes that can be expected.  Most of the time, parents need not worry about these changes – they are simply direct effects of the baby’s diet, and the changes in stool consistency are caused by the different components in baby’s food.  However, it is always best to seek your doctor’s advice for any changes that you notice.   

    Breast milk is best for babies as it provides ideal nutrition. Good maternal nutrition is important in preparing for and sustaining breastfeeding; however, professional advice from your doctor or a health professional must be followed should it be recommended that your baby try infant formula.


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