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  • Develop Baby’s Sleep Habits by Teaching him to Self-comfort

    Helping baby get a good sleep is one of the ways moms can help encourage their infant’s development.
  • baby sleepAccording to Dr. Jacqueline Navarro, a developmental and behavioral pediatrician practicing at The Medical City, optimal sleep is essential for normal growth and development, emotional health and immune function. It plays a role in the growth and healing of body tissues, learning and processing of memory and central nervous system repair.

    Newborns in the first days of life spend 2/3 of 24 hours asleep and infants up to 6 months require more than 14 hours asleep. To help their babies sleep better, Navarro advised moms to know the sleep requirements of their babies.

    “As soon as baby is born, observe his sleeping pattern. Slowly establish a bedtime routine once you have analyzed your baby’s sleeping pattern. This routine may include a soothing bath, gentle infant massage, feeding while baby is cuddled, reading a book and singing lullabies. Learn the art of getting your baby to bed when drowsy. Eventually your baby will learn to self-comfort and will put herself to sleep even without your help,” she said.

    “Lastly, make it conducive for your baby to have a restful sleep. Make sure that her diaper is clean and her sheets are clean and soft. Maintain a room temperature that is not too hot or too cold. If baby continues to cry, check on her without turning on the light, playing with her or picking her up,” she added.


    Dr. Navarro was a guest speaker at the “Pampers Salutes Moms” campaign launch held last May 17 at the Crowne Plaza Galleria.


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