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6 Diaper Brands for Newborns Preferred by Smart Parenting Village Moms
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  • One of the first few essential items new mothers buy for their baby is diapers, particularly ones in newborn size (0-10 lbs or 0-4.5 kg). It's sometimes a matter of trial and error (and money spent on different diaper brands) before you find the one that's hiyang for your baby and you — it doesn't cause irritation, fits right, and falls within budget.

    So what diaper brands have worked for other moms? We eavesdropped on the moms from the Smart Parenting (SP) Village Facebook group for their recommendations and summarized below the diaper brands they like that that carry newborn sizes. 

    Best diaper brands for moms

    In deciding which baby diaper brands are the best, moms highlighted the features they love the most: comfort, softness, ability to absorb wetness well, form (does not easily sag), and of course, affordability. Six brands were named most popular by the Smart Parenting moms.   

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    Here's a tip from the SP Village moms: Before your baby is born, stock up on a few diaper packs already so you don't have to worry about running out when the baby's already home. Watch out for sales on Lazada as well. “It's much cheaper than buying at the grocery. Delivery is free and they have a cash-on-delivery payment option too,” says one mom. 

    As for how much diapers you need to stock, your newborn will likely need up to 10 to 12 nappy changes daily for about a month.

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    Drypers Wee Wee Dry

    Starts at Php203 for a 24-piece pack (Php8.50 each)

    It has a wavy perforated layer that's meant to keep poo and pee away from baby's skin. Its tape is reattachable, and it also has a cut out at the navel area meant to prevent irritating the belly button and umbilical cord stump area. We found this particular size hard to find in supermarkets, but it is available to buy in bulk online.

    Available online via Lazada

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    EQ Dry 

    Php297 for a 44-piece pack (around Php6.75 each)

    This has a “Bubbly Top Sheet” that claims to reduce the area that comes in contact with your baby's skin. The material allows air to "flow freely" so skin stays dry and comfortable. “I had no problems with rashes when my baby girl used it,” comments one SP Village mom. 

    Available at major supermarkets and online via Lazada

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    Huggies Dry

    Php123 for a 20-piece pack (around Php6.15 each)

    Can't seem to find a diaper that fits your infant well? Several SP Village moms like the fit of Huggies Dry in newborn size. One mom also notes that it doesn't sag like other diapers that lose shape once baby pees. The quality, other moms add, is comparable to pricier diapers. 

    Available at major supermarkets and online via Lazada

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    Pampers Premium Care

    Php269 for a 26-piece pack (around Php10.35 each)

     Many SP Village moms say this brand is top of mind when it comes to skin protection for newborns. One mom describes its material as one of the most breathable and softest materials. “Parang nakalampin (cloth) sa lambot.” A yellow line running from the front to the back of the diaper serves as a wetness indicator — if it turns blue, baby has peed. It's a pricier option, moms admit, but they say it's worth it. 

    Available at major supermarkets and online via Lazada

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    Mamypoko Extra Dry Skin

    Php299 for a 30-piece pack (around Php10 each)

    Quite a few SP Village moms attest to the absorbency of this diaper brand. “For other diapers, no matter how I adjust the fit on my baby, they leak. This one doesn't. So I stuck with Mamypoko for my baby’s first six months,” swears one mom. For additional features, the diaper also has a wetness indicator, reattachable tape, and an arch-shaped cut at the tummy so diaper doesn't rub against your baby's belly button. 

    Available at major supermarkets and online via Lazada 

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    Sweet Baby Dry

    Php138 for a 22-piece pack (around Php6.30 each)

    One SP Village mom shared that she used to purchase premium diapers for her newborn but soon found them too expensive to maintain. She looked for alternatives and liked Sweet Baby the best. “It doesn't leak, and it's cheaper too!” she said.

    Available at major supermarkets

    Think we missed a diaper brand that should be included in this list? Suggest it in the comments below!

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