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  • Looking For The Best Diaper For Your Baby? 3 Things To Look For

    These help ensure your LO will be comfortable and rash-free.
Looking For The Best Diaper For Your Baby? 3 Things To Look For
  • Diaper shopping can get a little confusing — if not overwhelming. And anyone who has ever walked down the diaper section at the supermarket can readily attest to this. With so many choices available, how can a mom really tell the difference between an excellent nappy and a not-so-good one? And how can she determine which one's the best for her little one?

    A good diaper helps protect baby's skin from diaper rash and is comfortable to wear. Diaper rash is caused by three things: wetness, heat, and skin irritants. All these can happen if your baby is wearing an ill-fitting diaper that doesn't absorb pee well.

    Of course, only time and trial-and-error can tell what will end up being “hiyang” for your little one. But if you need some ideas on how to find the best diaper that can prevent the three causes of diaper rash, here’s a checklist of what you need to look for to help you get started:

    1. It must absorb wetness quickly

    According to a study, absorbent disposable diapers are designed to minimize the baby’s skin’s exposure to pee. This helps prevent diaper rash while maintaining proper skin hydration.

    To make diapers absorbent, manufacturers design them with multiple absorbency layers and an absorbent core. These are made of many, varying material-and-ingredient combinations — like cellulose pulp and the small, crystal-like materials called super absorbent polymers — but they are all designed to help quickly pull wetness away from the surface.

    2. It should prevent leaks

    Like absorbency features, anti-leak features contribute to maintaining dryness and protection of the baby’s skin. Diapers with anti-leak features make them more comfortable to wear as it can withstand active movements like crawling and walking.

    Diaper layout and design vary from brand to brand, but good diapers often feature fasteners, stretch features, and outer back sheets designed in such a way that they provide a snug fit to the baby’s torso and legs. For more active babies, opt for less bulky designs to give them more flexibility.

    3. It should help minimize heat and skin irritation

    Finally, manufacturers add certain extra features to increase the comfort level that diapers provide. For example, they make the design less bulky and use soft, breathable materials instead of plastic. They also add micro-pores that allows for continuous airflow so that heat doesn't get trapped.

    Some even add a layer of lotion, which serves as a protective barrier from friction and irritants that can cause diaper rash and irritation.

    Still, confused? You may start with a “nakasanayan” or “kinalakihan” brand that can help you give your newborn the protection and comfort her skin deserves, from day to night.

    Try Pampers Baby Dry Taped For Newborn and Small, which offers all these features for your baby's comfort, or Pampers Baby Dry Pants Small, which is endorsed by the Skin Health Alliance.

    To help protect babies from the three causes of rashes and make them feel comfortable all day and night, Pampers Baby Dry For Newborn offers the "Triple Pwet-tection Benefits."

    Pampers Baby Dry For Newborn has a Magic Gel core that absorbs pee better and faster, so baby's skin isn't exposed to wetness for too long. It also has a Heat Escape feature, which prevents hot air from getting trapped between baby's skin and the surface of the diaper by allowing continuous airflow and circulation through micro-pores. Lastly, it has a layer of baby lotion, which acts as a barrier to protect baby's skin from irritants and friction so it remains soft and supple.

    We hope these tips can help you make better choices in the quest for the best diaper for your baby — something that is "sulit" yet effective. This way, you don't have to worry about spending too much because of numerous trial-and-error to find what works best for your little one!

    Pampers products are available online at Lazada and Shopee. For more information, follow Pampers Philippines on Facebook.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with PAMPERS.