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  • Here's The 'Bright' Meaning Behind The Name Dimples Romana Will Give Her Third Baby

    by Angela Baylon .
Here's The 'Bright' Meaning Behind The Name Dimples Romana Will Give Her Third Baby
PHOTO BY shaira luna viainstagram/dimplesromana
  • Expecting mom, Dimples Romana took to Instagram to debut the name she and her husband Boyet Ahmee are giving their third baby.

    Since revealing her pregnancy to the public last March, we're given a clue that the latest addition to the FAhmeely (Ahmee family) will bear a name starting with the letter' E.'

    "Yes baby letter E po ito... Kasi A,B,C,D kami: Alonzo, Boyet, Callie, Dimples, ngayon letter E na ito," Dimples shared during her pregnancy announcement.

    Today, April 11, 2022, the soon-to-be mom of three has finally shared baby E's name through a social media post: "Elio"

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    PHOTO BY shaira luna via instagram/dimplesromana

    Baby Name 'Elio' Means

    "Elio from the french origin means 'My God is the Lord' while, in Italian, the baby name Elio is the variation of Aelius or Helios. Helios is the Greek god of the sun," Dimples wrote.


    Elaborating the reason behind their chosen name, the 37-year-old actress wrote, "Nung nagiisip kami ng name for Baby E, I had prayed prayers for guidance and discernment in many of the aspects in my life.

    "But one thing in my momma heart stuck and that was, even when we have been tested and challenged as a family, somehow everything around us still felt bright and sunny and warm."

    Drawing inspiration from the French origin of the name, she adds, "I guess when we feel we lack love and security the most, it is the love of a Father who overlooks our imperfections that comes shining through. And we feel that from all the love showered on us by our family and closest of friends. I'm glad we found friends for keeps."

    The post also featured a heartwarming video showing Elio's movement from inside her momma's tummy. Dimples then ended her caption with a sweet note to her third child.

    watch now

    The celebrity mom says, "So here's to the brightest our lives will be with your coming my bright ray of sunshine, my little tornado Elio. Hinay hinay lang Elio ha? Masakit na yung likod ni mommy eh."

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    Top 100 Popular Baby Names For 2022

    With the gift of new life comes the exciting, albeit nerve-wracking responsibility to choose the *perfect* name. After all, the name you'll give your child will naturally become a part of their identity. Some parents even research for names believed to spell success for their young ones.

    If you're expecting like Dimples or just planning in advance what to name your future child, we narrowed The Bump's list of top 1,000 baby names of 2022 to 100 for your reference.

    Top 10 Baby Names For 2022

    1. Zion (meaning highest point or kingdom of heaven)
    2. Kai (meaning keeper of the keys; earth)
    3. Maeve (meaning "intoxicating" 
    4. Luca (meaning "bringer of light")
    5. Nova (meaning star)
    6. Mia (meaning moon, month, or beloved)
    7. Aaliyah (meaning rising)
    8. Mila (meaning mircales, favored)
    9. Aurora (meaning dawn)
    10. Quinn (meaning wisdom or chief)

    The rest of the baby names for girls and boys in the Top 100

    • Ezra
    • Eliana
    • Ivy
    • Jayden
    • Amara
    • Kayden
    • Lilibet
    • Isabella
    • Alina
    • Elliot
    • River
    • Xavier
    • Zoey
    • Isla
    • Lyla
    • Alex
    • Molly
    • Andrea
    • Remi
    • Rowan
    • Elias
    • Alice
    • Hayden
    • Rohan
    • Ophelia
    • Kyle
    • Jude
    • Mya
    • Shia
    • Cecilia
    • Milo
    • Finn
    • Leilani
    • Aria
    • Atlas
    • Evan
    • Millie
    • Axel
    • Urban
    • Amaya
    • Kayla
    • Jesse
    • Ian
    • Riley
    • Bailey
    • Julia
    • Blake
    • Ari
    • Savannah
    • Freya
    • Ira
    • Sharon
    • Sydney
    • Raya
    • Skylar
    • Marcus
    • Maria
    • Malachi
    • Brianna
    • Rachel
    • Brielle
    • Silas
    • Hudson
    • Mika
    • Kian
    • Arlo
    • Charlie
    • Theo
    • Mateo
    • aiden
    • Kyra
    • Arthur
    • Reese
    • Thea
    • Zoe
    • Valerie
    • Rae
    • Leo
    • Mina
    • Camille
    • Sean
    • Ayla
    • Asa
    • Zara
    • Alaina
    • Luna
    • Ava
    • Natasha
    • Nany
    • Nia

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