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  • Does Your Little One Have What It Takes To Be A Star Baby?

    Here's how you can find out.
  • We met the cutest babies from the Baby Company's Star Baby contest last quarter and we're excited to meet more as we look forward to seeing the next batch of faces from all over the country.

    All you have to do is to keep these in mind and you are all set! Baby should be 18 months old and below, of Filipino citizenship and you or a guardian is a member of Mom Card or SM Advantage Card. Members should have an accumulated purchase of at least P2,000 from Baby Company with 500 worth of Philips Avent or Huggies items in any The SM Store branches. Big prizes await for the top three winners including P30,000 worth of Baby Company Gift Certificates, P5,000 worth of Philips Avent Items, P5,000 worth of Huggies Items, P10,000 worth of Baby Company in-house items and a feature in Smart Parenting's website. So are you and baby up for the challenge?

    Here's how you can develop your little pro's chances of becoming this quarter's Star Baby.

    Baby Thayne Micheal Brown - SM Cauayan (Luzon Winner) 1 y/o

    Help your child be healthy

    We enjoy seeing photos of healthy and happy babies. Give your baby the right balance of nutritious diet to fight off sickness. Finding the right skin care products for his skin type is also important for that smooth and flawless skin to avoid rashes and dry skin. A healthy glow from inside and out will definitely reflect when you start taking those photos.

    Keep things simple and natural

    They say that models are born natural stars. We like studios because of the lights and other items that can be readily used but babies in their natural environment are welcomed too. Capture moments when he laughs or make funny faces while crawling, eating or even while taking a bath!

    Although nice backgrounds and other elements contribute to the overall look of the photo, focusing on the subject, which is your baby, can be more appealing. Minimal use of props, hats, sunglasses or pets is best so that the focus stays on your child. Clear photos are a plus too! 

    Baby Maria Franchesca Eigenmann - SM North Edsa (Metro Manila Winner) 10 mos

    Know your child's temperament

    Temperament is directly related to your baby's personality. It's best to understand this early on so that you can deal with difficult situations faced by your child. Some babies cry for a long time, while some enjoy being around a large crowd of people. Find your baby's sweet spot to make him comfortable early on. If he laughs a lot when you make funny sounds, use it as a tool to capture his priceless smiles.

    Boost self-confidence

    One way to achieve this is through play. When kids are played with, they learn how to be comfortable with their surroundings knowing that they are given both love and attention. Your child will soon outgrow being camera shy and can work with new people like photographers.

    Baby Maria Helena Andrino -  SM Seaside (VisMin Winner) 1 y/o and 3 mos

    Don't forget to have fun

    Let it serve as a bonding moment between you and your baby. Don't force him to smile or pose for the camera. Remember that even if it's a competition, you should not stress each other and just go with the flow.

    The sooner your baby feels ready to work with the camera, the easier you'll be able to capture moments and make improvements as you go along. So mommies, time to put those shooting skills to test and submit your baby's entries before the deadline. Check out the Baby Company's Facebook page or visit http://www.babycompany.com.ph for more details!


This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Baby Company.