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  • B Is For Butas-Butas Na Bayong! 7 Best Alphabet Books In Filipino

    Let us raise a generation of proud Filipinos.
    by Alexine Parreno .
B Is For Butas-Butas Na Bayong! 7 Best Alphabet Books In Filipino
  • We all grew up learning that A is for Apple and B is for Ball. But what comes to mind in Filipino? The good news is we have a trove of alphabet books designed for Filipino children. Imagine A is for Aso, Adobo, Agila, Araro, Alitaptap, Ati-Atihan or B is for Butanding, Bayong, Bulkan, Bibingka, Bakya, Balangay. That sounds more exciting, right?

    Best alphabet books in Filipino 

    The books below introduce the 28 letters of the Filipino alphabet. More importantly, our kids learn letters and discover their rich culture and heritage. Then, just maybe, we will raise a generation of even prouder Filipinos. 

    May Alpabetong Filipino sa Aming Probinsiya

    Discover the Filipino alphabet while touring a scenic province in the Philippines. You’ll definitely know you’re in the province when you spot the Kalabaw (K), Sto. Niño (Ñ), Nganga (Ng), Yungib (Y), and many other distinct images.

    May Alpabetong Filipino sa Aming Probinsiya, P98 (softcover, 7x9 inches)
    PHOTO BY The Bookmark, Inc.

    Ang Una Kong Alpabeto

    Perfectly sized for little hands, this board book is always a favorite with simple and clean illustrations. Babies can recognize everyday objects such as Dahon (D), Mata (M), Unan (U), and Walis (W).

    Ang Una Kong Alpabeto, P135 (board book, 5x5 inches)
    PHOTO BY Adarna House
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    Ang Mahabang Sampayan ni Nanay

    This fun accordion alphabet book stretches out to 60 inches in length! On nanay’s sampayan, little Andres discovers quirky objects that make up the Filipino alphabet such as Butas-Butas na Bayong (B), Gagamba sa Gulong (G), Haring Matapang (H), May Doñang Suplada (Ñ) at Nagpapahingang Unggoy (U)!

    Ang Mahabang Sampayan ni Nanay, P250
    PHOTO BY Tahanan Books
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    The board book is 7.5x7.5 inches when folded and 7.5x60 inches when expanded.
    PHOTO BY Tahanan Books

    A for Adobo

    Learning the alphabet has never been so yummy! Each letter is represented by a mouth-watering image of a popular Filipino dish such as Dinuguan (D), Ginataan (G), Lumpiang Shanghai (L), and Ube Halaya (U).

    A for Adobo, P350 (board book, 8x7 inches)
    PHOTO BY Tahanan Books
    It’s the perfect board book for foodie families!
    PHOTO BY Tahanan Books
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    Alpabetong Filipino 

    A breathtakingly beautiful book that “teaches the letters of the alphabet by attaching them to objects...from the northern to the southern provinces, from the ethnic to the regional to the national cultures.” Read about Fale (F), Nuno-sa-Punso (N), Parol (P), Salakot (S), Taka (T), and other cultural icons.

    Alpabetong Filipino, P350 (softcover, 9x12 inches)
    PHOTO BY Tahanan Books

    Alpabeto ng Kulturang Filipino

    This alphabet book is a thoroughly researched material that highlights the different facets of Philippine culture. Discover Fatek (F), Manunggul Jar (M), Sarimanok (S) Vakul (V), and Zigattu (Z). Definitely a must-read for all Filipinos, adults and children alike.

    Alpabeto ng Kulturang Filipino, P390 (softcover, 8.5 x11 inches)
    PHOTO BY PLL Publishing
    This book is a visual feast with illustrations based on Letras y Figuras, a uniquely Filipino art form in the 19th century.
    PHOTO BY PLL Publishing

    Alpabeto ng Kalikasan

    The Philippines is one of 17 mega-biodiverse countries in the world, home to two-thirds of the earth’s biodiversity and 70% of the world’s plant and animal species. This little book hopes to raise awareness so we can collectively protect and conserve our natural resources.

    Alpabeto ng Kalikasan, P349 (softcover, 7.5x7.5 inches)

    Kids will learn to identify Philippine flora and fauna such as Fan Coral (F), Puñalada (Ñ), Salaksak (S), Tamaraw (T), and Ylang-ylang (Y). The entire book is also written in Baybayin, our pre-colonial ancient writing script.

    For every purchase, a donation is made to Haribon Foundation.

    All books available at Pumplepie Books

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