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  • Fuss-free Diapering for Baby

    A newborn wets her diaper between six and 10 times a day—which means you’ll be on nappy patrol quite often. Changing baby’s nappy is quick and simple. It’s easy to master for both mom and dad!
    by SmartParenting Staff .
  • 1. Lay baby on a warm, clean, dry area. In the beginning you’ll probably use a changing table but a changing cloth or clean cloth diaper on any soft, warm surface will work as well. Keep your hand on her tummy.

    2. Unfasten the diaper pin or tabs, then gently lift her ankles with one hand.

    3. With the other hand, wipe any excess feces into the dirty diaper. Dispose the diaper properly.

    4. Using baby wipes or moistened cotton balls, clean the genital area. Let your baby air dry or dry with a soft washcloth.

    5. Slide a clean diaper under her as you lift her ankles again.

    6. Fasten the diaper at both sides, making sure it’s snug, but not so tight that it pinches her skin. For disposable diapers, check the manufacturer’s instructions for specific tips.



        -Change your baby’s diaper whenever it gets wet or soiled. This prevents irritation and diaper rash.
        -Try not to bunch the diaper between your baby’s legs since it can cause chafing and discomfort.
        -For newborns, avoid covering the umbilical cord (you can get special newborn diapers with notches cut out for the stump).
        -When changing a girl, always wipe from front to back to avoid contaminating the vaginal area—a common cause of urinary tract infection in babies.
        -For boys, cover the penis with a clean cloth to avoid having him pee over himself, and at you, while you’re changing. Always be sure to tuck the penis down so his urine will flow down into the diaper instead of out the top.
        -Go without a diaper for short periods of time to air out in between diaper changes and help prevent the risk of a diaper rash.


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