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  • Don't Be Afraid to Lay Down These Holiday Rules for Your Newborn

    Don't be shy or afraid to be tagged as maarte or masungit. It's your child's health on the line.
    by Rachel Perez .
Don't Be Afraid to Lay Down These Holiday Rules for Your Newborn
  • 'Tis, the season for family get-togethers. But if you have just given birth, it puts you on the spot. Sure, you want to join the festivities, but you also need to prioritize your newborn's health and safety (and your sanity). 

    For nine months, your baby had been cooped up in a snug and secure environment: your womb. Now that you're finally holding your baby in your arms don't forget he is still adjusting to his new world, bacteria, viruses, and all. Plus, your little one may not be old enough to receive some important vaccinations yet. That's why you need to establish rules when people, even if they're family.

    Don't be afraid to be tagged as maarte or masungit. Start with these guidelines.

    Tell people who ask to visit to make sure they are not sick.

    Whether your family and friends are visiting at your house, or you and your baby are at a gathering outside your home, tell everyone that if they're sick, even if they just feel like they're coming down with something, to stay away from the baby.

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    Everyone needs to ask your permission to carry the baby.

    Yes, they should ask if you can hold, carry or pinch your baby's cheeks. They also ask if they can post photos on social media. We were all taught not to grab other kids' toys — the same rule can apply to a tiny human being. It's also about a mom and baby's personal space — do not invade unless given the go-ahead.


    Have alcohol nearby.

    Make sure their hands are clean by having alcohol, hand sanitizer, or wet wipes on hand when you've given permission to hold your baby. The lampin also acts as a barrier between your clothes and the baby.

    Avoid having people kiss your baby's face.

    Instead, direct them to touch your baby's feet and legs. Letting them hold his hands can be tricky, too, because the baby can put his fingers in his mouth.

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    You can ask guests to use your toys. 

    Or even ask them to refrain from showing your child any toy because some can overstimulate baby.

    It's okay to tell them to wait before seeing you and your baby.

    If the baby is sleepy, let him sleep. The guests can play with him later. If you are breastfeeding, changing nappies, or trying to put the baby to sleep, don't let guests stop you from doing them.

    The holidays can be stressful as it is. And if you've just given birth, don't hesitate to decline invitations to reunions and gatherings. You should get a pass if you feel like you and your newborn can't handle a crowd — you both need to rest, too. If they offer to visit you at your home instead, it's also your right to say no. 

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