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  • Hand-Me-Downs Are Some of the Best Gifts Any Mom-to-Be Can Receive

    It's a simple way of showing support to fellow moms
    by Kate Borbon .
Hand-Me-Downs Are Some of the Best Gifts Any Mom-to-Be Can Receive
  • Living expenses seem to be rising by the minute, so parents try to do what they can to manage their finances well and make sure their families are as well-provided-for as possible. That being said, parenting involves lots of expenses, especially on baby care items, which can be a bit pricey. Thankfully, with the help of hand-me-down items, many moms are able to save money while still making sure their babies have everything they need for every day.

    Using hand-me-down items is a practice that has been around for longer than many of us can remember, and it’s something all moms can benefit from. Many celebrity moms including Saab Magalona, Bianca Gonzalez, and Iya Villania have been open about using second-hand items for themselves and for their babies. This only proves that, indeed, hand-me-downs are a blessing to all mommas starting out on their parenting journeys.

    Why hand-me-downs are a godsend for moms

    On the Smart Parenting Facebook page, we asked moms to share hand-me-downs they received that helped them in caring for their babies, and even during their pregnancies. Many responded that they got essential items such as clothes, shoes, toys, and nursing pillows. We noticed that a lot also received electric bottle sterilizers, strollers, baby carriers, bed covers, and even baby tubs and bathing chairs.


    Looking at their answers, you can sense the joy these moms felt because of the hand-me-downs they received from their loved ones. Read more to learn about why hand-me-downs make for the perfect presents for all moms-to-be, and why passing them on to other moms can also be a beautiful experience.

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    They help you save money

    If you accept hand-me-downs, you won’t have to spend any money on new items. Many of the moms who shared their answers on our Facebook post raved about how they didn’t have to buy a thing for the first few months of their babies’ lives because the second-hand items they received from their relatives and friends were able to sustain them throughout that time.

    Moreover, because children grow so quickly, no matter how many clothes you may buy for your little one, it’s almost guaranteed that she will grow out of it in a matter of time. The same thing applies to toys since kids’ interests can change in the flash of an eye. By accepting hand-me-downs, you wouldn’t have to worry about your cash going into items your child will only use for a little while.

    They help reduce waste

    Hand-me-downs help in saving money, and they also help in reducing the amount of waste you produce at home. Can you just imagine how wasteful it would be to simply dispose of essentials that may have been quite expensive after only being used for a brief period of time?

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    One more great benefit of using hand-me-downs is that it allows parents to do their own part in caring for the environment, and to teach their children how to embrace a more environmentally-conscious, sustainable lifestyle.

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    They teach kids the value of things

    Kids can learn so much in the first few years of life, and one useful lesson they can learn is the value of things — that even though an item may no longer be useful for one person, it can still be useful for somebody else. Passing on hand-me-downs can also show children the beauty of giving and sharing.

    They are a sign of support and solidarity

    Nothing says “I'm here for you” better than hand-me-downs from another mama. As Motherly puts it, “Getting a bag of hand-me-downs from another mom is equivalent to getting a big, genuine hug from a mama who knows how hard this all can be. She is thinking of you, reaching out to you and extending a helping hand.” And as we know, moms need and deserve all the support and love they can get!

    They spark joy

    Just like getting hand-me-downs from a mom during your pregnancy can make you feel supported, passing on the hand-me-downs you received to other moms just starting out on their parenting journey can give you the opportunity to spread the love to your community and tell them, “I'm here for you, mama!” And really, what can be more heartwarming than that?

    What other parents are reading

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