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  • Help Baby Practice Walking

    Your baby is ready to walk! Here are some helpful tips for her to make her first steps.
    by Anna Santos-Villar .
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    Give your baby many opportunities to practice walking so she builds her confidence. Let her hold on to your hands as she walks in front of you. Try not to strain her arms. Observe if she is watching her feet.
    To help your baby with her walking efforts:
    • Stand or kneel in front of her and help her walk toward you by holding both her hands.
    • After a while, just hold out your hands in encouragement as she slowly approaches you.
    • Look for a toddler truck or cart that she can push. This provides support and mobility. Just make sure to get one with a wide, stable base.
    Photography by At Maculangan
    How did you help your baby learn to walk? Share it with us! Fill up the comment form below.

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