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  • How to Develop Your Baby's Love for Reading

    Because reading will broaden their imagination!

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    What you can do:

    • Read aloud to your baby instead of only letting her play with books. If she shows no interest, try again later.
    • Keep reading time short as babies have brief attention spans. Five to ten minutes can already be a long time.
    • Make reading interactive by asking baby to point out simple things. 
    • Follow baby’s initiative. If she wants to explore the book on her own, let her.


    Suitable book characteristics:

    • Durable like tough board books. Save the delightful pop-ups and light pages for later.
    • Have options for exploration such as shiny surfaces, textures or parts that move like bells and whistles.
    • Have pictures of real things and everyday items. Your baby will enjoy looking at objects she recognizes. Opt for those with a small amount of text.


    Photography by Miguel Nacianceno


    How do you develop your little one's reading skills? We'd love to know. Fill up the comment form below.

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