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  • How to Let Your Child Shine

    Think he has star quality? Sign him up here for a chance at a modeling stint.
  • A child is often asked "What do you want to be when you grow up?" He can answer this without hesitation if he is confident with what he wants. Self-confidence is not built overnight but earned through a process. With the right level of support and encouragement from the family, the child learns his strengths and can decide on what he wants to do or want to be a doctor, teacher, pilot or even a model! Whatever he decides to be, we listed down ways to prepare your little one to step on his own spotlight.

    Help your child build his individuality

    Reduce the level of competition between children and value your child as someone unique who has his own personality and talent. If he is into dancing, let him dance to whatever child-friendly tune he likes, if he loves to sing, let him belt out his favorite songs or play a musical instrument he likes best. A child who feels he is loved for himself finds it easier to share himself with others.

    Don't put your child on the spot

    If you know your child loves singing songs from his favorite movies, but she only likes doing it if you're the only one watching, putting him on the spot to sing in from of a crowd might turn his favorite pasttime to a traumatic experience. Allow your child the time to bloom from a shy little bud into a social butterfly.

    Teach your child simple directions

    Help your child understand the importance of following simple instructions so he can work well with others when the time comes that he has to. Be patient, consistent, and kind when you give your little one instructions. This will also help him see that kindness and good communication is key to building a nice relationship with others. Besides, when your child knows how to follow simple instructions, little commands like waving to the camera would be a breeze.

    Practice and play

    Use large mirrors to let your child observe his face, your face and his dad's face so you can make silly faces together. If it helps, wear costumes and have role-playing games using his favorite characters. This will teach him about different facial expressions and heighten his creativity and imagination. Don't make him feel that it's a job but more of a bonding time together.

    Build a routine to keep child's skin healthy

    Remember these: cleanse, moisturize, prevent and treat. Make sure that your child is cleansed and moisturized with gentle products to prevent him from having allergies and rashes. The camera loves a baby who has a healthy and glowing skin too!

    Watch your child's diet

    A child with a healthy diet also has a good discipline. Starting your little one young goes a long way. Tweak your child's diet by giving him just the right amount of healthy meals and avoiding high sugar and processed food. 

    Remember to praise your child for the effort he has done regardless if he gets to win the competition or not. Putting an emphasis on the process instead of the end result will help your child improve more as he goes along. And remember, modeling can be fun for kids only if accompanied by relaxed parents. So don't put too much pressure on yourself too, Mom! Now that you've applied these tips with your child, you think he is ready to join the modeling world? Start off by letting him join Baby Company's Star Baby Competition. Check out the competition guidelines here.

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