How To Wash Your Baby's Face

Essential hygiene tips for your little one.

Being a first-time mom can be stressful, especially when you’re faced with the prospect of taking care of a tiny human all by yourself. Giving your baby a bath or just washing his face can be particularly nerve-racking. You might be feeling a little nervous at the thought of doing this for the first time.

When washing your baby’s face, follow these guidelines:

1. Wipe, not really wash.

Use a damp washcloth wrapped around your finger or clean cotton balls soaked in warm water to wipe down your baby’s face. Do this gently and carefully, without any vigorous strokes.

2. Use lukewarm water.

There’s no need to use soap when cleaning your baby’s face. Water will do. According to experts, warm water is best for babies. Make sure to double-check the water’s temperature with your hand.

3. Pay special attention to your baby’s folds and creases.

This is where dirt or grime builds up. Make sure you carefully wipe down and pat-dry areas like behind his ears, under the chin, and in between folds on the neck.


4. Get rid of any secretions in your baby’s eyes and nose.

Using a wet cotton ball or damp washcloth, wipe from the inner corners of your baby’s eyes outwards. Remember not to use any soap to avoid any irritations. Check his nose as well for any dried-up mucus, and remove them by wiping them off using a wet washcloth.

5. Say no to cotton buds.

Human ears are generally self-cleaning, so those little balls of earwax fall out on their own. To clean your baby’s ears, just wipe the outer ear using a wet cotton ball. If you think there’s dirt lodged inside his ears, better visit your trusted pediatrician so he or she can check for you.

6. Check the inside of your baby's mouth.

It’s also vital that you don’t forget to clean your baby’s mouth. Wrap a clean and damp washcloth on your pointer finger and gently go over your baby’s gums and tongue. This will help remove any milk residue in his mouth.

When it comes to the rest of the body, the same general rules apply (check out this step-by-step guide). Just a reminder, doctors recommend bathing your newborn only thrice a week. According to a pediatrician, you can “wipe down your baby whenever you see the need” — specifically the diaper area, the face, and the neck. The doctor also advises against full-on, soaking baths until your baby’s umbilical stump falls off.


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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Baby Dove.