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  • Dad Names Newborn ‘Department Of Statistical Communication’ (We're Not Kidding)

    He had asked his wife for permission before naming the baby.
    by Kitty Elicay .
Dad Names Newborn ‘Department Of Statistical Communication’ (We're Not Kidding)
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  • Parents want unique and one-of-a-kind baby names for their sons and daughters, and it will often have a special meaning behind it. But what would you say about naming your little one after your place of work?

    Slamet Wahyudi, a 38-year-old father from Indonesia, perhaps wanted to honor his workplace that he named his son Dinas Komunikasi Informatika Statistik, which translates to “Department of Informatics and Statistical Communication.” He has been working for that department for the past 17 years, according to Mashable.com.

    Slamet admits that others might find it strange to hear his son’s name, but surprisingly, he had gotten the approval of his wife, Ririn Linda Tunggal Sari, before pushing through with the decision. He had asked her for permission to name their baby if it turned out to be a boy.

    “Thankfully, my wife did not mind,” he told Indonesian news portal Kompas, Malay Mail reports.


    It’s a different case for Slamet’s friends and family, however. According to Mashable, they have “voiced out their amusement and mixed feelings” toward the unusual baby name.

    To ease their worries, Slamet had prepared a nickname for his little boy: Dinko. The father hopes that his newborn son would grow up to be a pious person and that he will be devoted to his family. Or like in his dad’s case, his workplace, too.

    Choosing a name for your baby

    It’s not surprising for parents to give their little ones unusual names — check out the Aphabet siblings here — but parents should also take caution when it comes to choosing names for their babies. Remember that time when everyone thought of naming their babies after COVID-19?

    Sure, a unique name is the perfect conversation starter, but you should also think of how your child would feel about his name when he grows up. “Think not only of today, because today will become the past for the child,” says Shirley Adiviso, Ph.D. to SmartParenting.com.ph in a previous article.

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    Your child’s future family and friends should also be taken into consideration. There are kids who grow up with low self-esteem because their names are subjected to mockery and ridicule by their peers.

    “Choose names that the child can carry well in the future,” Dr. Adiviso adds.

    If you’ve already chosen a name for your baby, here’s a guide to “test drive” that name to know if it’s “the one.”

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