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  • Iza Calzado On Being A New Mom, 'It's Quite A Punch, Hindi Siya Madali'

    Meanwhile, her sister-in-law Bianca King is also crowdsourcing for the best mom and baby items!
    by Judy Santiago Aladin .
Iza Calzado On Being A New Mom, 'It's Quite A Punch, Hindi Siya Madali'
  • Now that Iza Calzado has introduced her first child to the world, we just can't get enough of the photos and the stories she will share as a new mama.

    The 40-year-old actress shared on Instagram a precious, raw, and unfiltered photo of her with her daughter, Deia Amihan.

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    "This photo was taken a few days after giving birth, right after I cried so hard from a few “failures” I felt I had as a new mother mixed with the deep love I was feeling for my child, the kind I have never felt for anyone before."

    Iza described the first few days and weeks postpartum as "quite a punch."

    "Hindi siya madali. I am still recovering from it all but every day gets better and better. I am on my ninth week post partum and we are a few weeks away from completing the fourth trimester."


    She added, "This is, by far, the most challenging yet fulfilling journey I have been on and I know it is only the beginning."

    "I am a Mother! An imperfectly perfect Mother to my precious child, Deia. Biruin mo yun?"

    During Iza's baby shower, she said she will embrace her new role and believe in herself no matter what. She said, "I really won't be able to do this without all of you. But I also believe that I can do my best also. In case there is a moment I don't, I have all of you to lean on."

    Iza continued, "At this point, I find myself navigating this transition in the best way I know how — with faith, compassion, gratitude, and love knowing I am divinely guided and supported."

    Iza then promised that she will be sharing more photos and stories about the challenges and the joy-filled moments "when the time is right." She explained she is honoring their fourth trimester. 

    She concluded her post with an affirmation, that we believe, all moms should be reminded of. "Grabe, what a ride! I am becoming, I am evolving into — wait.. I am a Mother! An imperfectly perfect Mother to my precious child, Deia. Biruin mo yun? A gift indeed. Thank You, Lord!"

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    Meanwhile, Iza's sister-in-law, Bianca King, shared their first family photos with her husband Ralph Wintle and their baby.

    In another post, the 36-year-old mama said, "Coming out of the fog. Felt really good to put something cute on and capture how tiny our little human was on the 13th day after birth. How did this baby fit inside me?! It's been great not having instagram on my phone but it's time to celebrate this little cutie and surviving the early weeks of post partum." 

    The new mama is crowdsourcing best mom and newborn items on her Instagram stories, like the best baby monitor. Isn't it more fun when moms support each other? 


    Here's our answer to your question, by the way.

    How much time do new moms need to recover

    We totally get you, Iza and Bianca! You both are amazing moms.

    In a previous Smart Parenting article, we expounded on a 2016 study that showed that a new mom needs at least one year to recover from childbirth and to give her time to adapt to having a new baby at home.

    "Our data shows a wide range of time for women to complete their healing after a very strenuous birth. Women are not given permission to have more time to recover after childbirth," said Janis M. Miller, Ph.D. who authored this 2015 study.

    An Australian study meanwhile says that emotional and mental recovery is linked to physical recovery. 

    If you need social support, feel free to join us at the Smart Parenting Village, a safe space for moms and dads. Join here.


    And in case you are or you know a new mama, here's a postpartum care plan that can help them survive the first few weeks. Check the free template here.

    You got this, mamas. We got you. Let's take it one day at a time.

    Watch this video about newborn care tips according to a pediatrician.

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