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  • Korean dramas have captured the hearts of Pinoys in the past few years and even moms are obsessed — our parenting community at the Smart Parenting Village readily gave a list of their favorite Koreanovelas when we asked and now it seems a lot of parents are also on the lookout for Korean baby names to give to their little ones.

    12 Korean boy names inspired by Korean actors

    If you’re expecting a baby girl, you can browse through our list of names with beautiful meanings here, but if you’re expecting a boy, we thought it would be fun to know the meaning behind the names of Korean actors that Pinoys have come to love, plus the meaning behind some of their most popular roles, based on naming website BehindTheName.com. Take your pick from these charming men!

    Gong Yoo

    Known for his roles in dramas Goblin, Coffee Prince, and the hit movie Train to Busan, Gong Yoo’s name means “sharing” in Korean. His name in Goblin is Shin, which means “god” (he is immortal in the drama, after all).


    Hyun Bin

    Also known as the the actor who portrayed Captain Ri Jeong Hyuk from the recently-concluded, top-rated drama Crash Landing on You, Hyun Bin’s name means “shining brightly.” Meanwhile, Jeong means “quiet, still, gentle” or “virtuous, chaste, loyal; Hyuk means “leather, radiant, abundant, quiet.”

    Kang Ha Neul

    His first drama after being discharged from the army, When the Camellia Blooms, was the highest-rated drama of 2019. Ha Neul means “sky” or “heaven” in Korean, while his character in the drama, Hwang Yong Sik means “brave” or “perpetual, eternal” (Yong) and “plant, trees, grow” (Sik).

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    Kim Soo Hyun

    Best known for his role in My Love from the Star, this actor’s name means “gold, excellence, and virtuous.” His character name from the drama, Do Min Joon means “quick, clever, sharp” or “gentle, affable” (Min) and “talented, handsome” (Joon).

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    Lee Dong Wook

    Though known as the Grim Reaper in Goblin, the actor also has a string of hit dramas including My GirlScent of a WomanBlade Man and most recently, Touch Your Heart. The actor’s name means “east,” or “pillar, beam” (Dong) and “rising sun, brilliance, radiant” (Wook). His character’s name, Kwon Jeong Rok in Touch Your Heart means “quiet, still, gentle” or “virtuous, chaste, loyal” (Jeong).


    Lee Min Ho

    One of South Korea’s most popular actors is Lee Min Ho, who shot to fame thanks to Boys Over Flowers, an adaptation of the classic Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden. Min Ho means “bright and good,” while Heo Joon Jae, his character in his most recent drama, Legend of the Blue Sea means “king or ruler,” or “talented or handsome” (Joon) and “talent, ability” or “wealth, riches” (Jae).

    Lee Seung Gi


    He is known for his roles in A Korean Odyssey, My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox, and most recently, the action-packed drama, Vagabond. His name means “rising from a firm foundation,” while Dal Gun, the character he portrays in the drama, means “moon” (Dal) and “to construct, strong, or respect” (Gun).

    Nam Joo Hyuk

    Fans could not get over this actor’s chemistry with Lee Sung Kyung, the lead actress in Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. His name means “radiant jewel” while his character in the drama, Jung Joon Hyung, means “king, ruler” or “talented, handsome (Joon) and “smoothly, progressing, no trouble” (Hyung).

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    Park Seo Joon


    Best known for his roles in She Was PrettyHwarang, Fight for My Way and What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, his name means “simple, auspicious, talented.” Lee Young Joon, his character in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, means “flower, petal, brave, hero” (Young) and “talented, handsome” (Joon).


    Although he was already popular as a singer in South Korea, his fame rose when he starred in the drama Full House. His stage name Bi literally means “rain” in Korean. He plays Lee Yeong Jae in the series which means “glory, honor, flourish, and prosper” and “to rule.”

    Son Ho Jun


    Our Village moms raved about the drama Go Back Couple as it depicts the realities of married life. The lead actor in the drama is Son Ho Jun, whose name means “tiger, brave, fierce” or “bright, clear,” according to Behindthename.com. He plays Choi Ban Do, which means “peninsula.”

    Song Joong Ki

    Before falling in love with Captain Ri of North Korea, Pinoys also fell in love with another captain of South Korea’s Special Forces unit, Yoo Si Jin. The actor’s name means “the second in order” and “foundation.” Si Jin, on the other hand means “begin, start” (Si) and “gold, metal, money” (Jin).

    Looking for more baby name inspo? Click here for more options!

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