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  • Too-Cute Baby Photos Chronicle The Evolution Of Life

    "It´s not only about cuteness but it´s a wonder of nature."
    by SmartParenting Staff .
  • Admit it or not, we all love taking pictures of our kids, our oh-so-cute mini-me's. More often than not, we couldn't help but share and be proud of the little human being that they are, a product of our own flesh and blood.

    We all know how important it is to take caution when posting photos of our kids on social media, but when the photos are these good, it's just too cute not to share. Take these photos as an inspiration for when you're taking photos of your newborn. 

    Mom Lili D. Harutyunyan, an architect and a lifestyle photographer, had always liked babies even before she had her own. In 2015, when she gave birth, she decided to take photos of her son Lou almost every week until his first birthday "to illustrate the process of becoming a human." 

    "I realized, that it´s not only about cuteness but it´s a wonder of nature. They are such complex little beings with all the necessary organs which function together in a perfect algorithm of unknown concept of life," she posted on BoredPanda. With only her camera phone and digital hand-drawing skills, she tells the story of baby Lou's evolution. Take a look!
    52-week Baby Photos 1
    "In the beginning it was a little cocoon. No one knew how it looks like. Then he was born. A little miracle," Harutyunyan posted on her Tumblr. She added, "We didn’t know, happiness looks like a human!"

    52-week Baby Photos 2
    As Lou's journey began he started seeing, smelling, and learning.
    52-week Baby Photos 452-week Baby Photos 7"Then, he dreamed of being an adult. And started learning very quickly all what we do around him. He was very attentive to everything and everyone around him. But having his strong opinion as well," she said. 


    52-week Baby Photos 852-week Baby Photos 9See the rest of the photos here. 

    All photos from lilihd-louis.tumblr.com

    January 23, 2016. "I Photographed My Baby For 52 Weeks To Show The Process Of Becoming A Human" (boredpanda.com)

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