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  • LOOK: We Found a Cute Way to Celebrate Your Child's Milestones

    Give these as gifts or try them on your baby!
LOOK: We Found a Cute Way to Celebrate Your Child's Milestones
  • Your baby's first year is definitely a year full of celebrations. We just can't wait what new milestone they will hit month after month.

    Aside from giving them support every step of the way, dress up your little ones in clothes that will make them feel secured and comfy. We've listed down the basics and trendy items that babies need during their first year.

    First days

    Use a swaddling blanket to make sure your newborn can sleep longer and sounder. More importantly, swaddling decreases the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

    1 month

    This is the "eat-poop-sleep" phase. Dress up your baby in a long-sleeved pajama with tie sides, because it's easily adjustable. It's also not tight-fitting, ensuring extra care to the tummy area until the umbilical-cord stump falls off.

    2 months

    Your baby poops four to six times or more at this stage. To prevent rashes and irritation, try using a washable cloth diaper. It's not only breathable but also stylish and reusable.


    3 months

    Your baby now shows more awareness of his environment. He will try to grab objects, lift his head, or kick away from a hard surface. Your baby may also start waving his arms and legs. A cute and comfy onesie made from breathable material, like this one, will be your best bet to ensure that his movements are not restricted. 

    4 months

    Most babies at four months can already hold a toy, swing it or shake it. Your baby may also try to push himself up using his elbows or push down on his legs when his feet are on a hard surface. He would also bring his hands to his mouth or start reacting to his reflection when he looks at a mirror.

    This is also right about the time when some parents decide to have their baby baptized. Let your little one wear something stylish yet comfortable so he doesn't fuzz during the ceremony.

    5 months

    Your baby is now trying to move by rocking, twisting or rolling. He will also try to bring his feet to his mouth—make sure he doesn't suck his toes! He may also be able to hold his bottle and bring other objects to his mouth. This onesie lets him move comfortably as he trains those muscles for the coming milestones.

    6 months

    Although she can't twirl or jump high like a ballerina just yet, this cute top and tutu combo will make you want to enroll her in a ballet class once she learns to stand and walk.

    7 months

    Already starting to crawl, your baby should wear a more relaxed and casual outfit like a shirt and skirt for a day at Lola's house or a stroll at the mall. You can try this comfy skirt on your little girl—it has really a really cute ruffle butt design that's sure to make everyone want to give your baby kisses.

    8 months

    By now, your little one is enjoying his serving of solids and starting to grab the spoon to feed himself independently. Get ready for the mess! Make sure to bring along a bib like this especially when you plan to eat out.

    Bibs and Skibs comes in different prints and colors—great for when you want to match baby's bib to his outfit.

    9 months

    Your baby now responds to familiar names including their own. Don't be shocked if they come crawling to you in just a matter of seconds. They can also clap and play games like peekaboo with you. This stage calls for comfy shirts and joggers (or jogging pants) so you won't have to worry about scraped knees.

    10 months

    At this stage, you'll probably feel that your baby has become a smart and independent little man. He now communicates like a pro and has his own favorite things. Set a playdate with other babies his age, and let him wear a shirt, shorts, rubber shoes and a cardigan just in case he feels cold or it starts to rain. 

    11 months

    You may be in for a workout, because your little one is now up for adventure. Babies of this age like climbing up and down counters and the crib or even crawling beyond the play mat. Make your baby girl wear this red dress as she starts to take her first few steps.

    12 months

    Play becomes the central business of your baby. They now prefer certain toys and people to play with. They are also more responsive when engaged in conversation by family members.

    This is the perfect time to create more bonding activities with your child. This month also calls for a special celebration as they turn a year old. Add an accessory like these suspenders to complete your baby boy's first birthday #OOTD.

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